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Introducing A Universal Identity in The World of Web3 - Galxe Passport is Now Live

Wednesday, 14 September 2022 08:20 AM


SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 14, 2022 / Galxe, the leading Web3 credential data network has introduced a new addition to their already successful Galxe ID project - Galxe Passport. Galxe Passport promises an all-in-one solution for Web3 users to enjoy a seamless experience across a number of applications, with additional features, including Soulbound Tokens.

Galxe, Wednesday, September 14, 2022, Press release picture

Galxe Passport enables users to adopt a single, universal account (also known as an identity), which can then be used across a number of applications for compliance purposes. Through their own personal encrypted password, users will enjoy peace of mind knowing that their accounts are secure and safe from potential sybil attacks. A unique proposition of the Galxe Passport is that users will have an opportunity to obtain a Soulbound Token - a non-transferrable NFT, backed by blockchain technology, representing an individual's information which is unique and owned exclusively by the user.

"Galxe Passport is revolutionary not only for Galxe itself but for the Web3 space as a whole. This feature tests the boundaries of decentralization in this space, enabling a convenient, safe, and anonymous experience for all. We pride ourselves on being innovators at Galxe and plan to continue developing tools that ensure a secure Web3 experience. You and only you are in control of your Web3 destiny with Galxe Passport. And that's a guarantee." Said Co-Founder of Galxe, Harry Zhang.

Galxe ID, first launched in October of 2021 was highly praised for bridging a large gap in the Web3 space. The initial proposition of Galxe ID was to become a universal "key" for users to enter the Web3 world, being able to access multiple on-chain and off-chain applications with ease. Being characterized as becoming one of the most important tools for recording users personal and behavioral footprints in the Web3 space, Galxe ID is currently home to 4.9 million active accounts. Users of Galxe ID, and its new addition of the Galxe Passport, will have an opportunity to showcase the history of their real life and online achievements all in one place.

The introduction of Galxe Passport falls hand in hand with Galxe's exciting rebrand (previously Project Galaxy). Through both their rebrand and introduction of this new feature, the Galxe team have shown great strides in continuous innovation not only within their brand and team, but also in the greater Web3 world. The Galxe Passport is revolutionizing the Web3 world through the guarantee of data ownership to the users. Additionally, the elimination of bots via the Galxe passport drives real user growth, naturally leading to loyal retention and lower compliance risks.

Galxe Passport is made possible by the developers on the Galxe team along with Persona. Persona is the only identity platform that gives businesses the building blocks they need to build their ideal verification program. This is what Persona had to say about this feature:

"Persona is the leading identity infrastructure company that helps businesses prioritize trust and safety while minimizing fraud. With Persona, we are able to create seamless and automated identity verification programs without compromising on user experience. "Persona is very excited to help Galxe build trust and safety with the users on their platform. We are looking forward to growing our partnership and seeing the development of our verification solution firsthand," said Fu Han Liang, VP of Customer Success at Persona.

With a mission to take the next step in a safer and more secure identity solution for all, Galxe are celebrating the launch of their new offering by giving away the first 10,000 Passport mints for free. With this, Galxe are hoping to see the Web3 community use this tool to grow, engage and create impactful experiences.

About Galxe

Galxe is the leading Web3 credential data network in the world. With a mission to build an open, collaborative credential data network, Galxe enables brands and developers to engage communities and build robust products in Web3. Through both on-chain and off-chain credentials, the Galxe infrastructure supports the curation of data credentials through multiple data sources.

Galxe Passport - Your Universal Identity for Web3 Adventures

Galxe Passport was developed for sybil prevention and compliance purposes to allow partners of Galxe to be confident when launching their campaigns. The Galxe Passport is a Soulbound Token tied to a wallet address distinguishing a verified individual. Mint your Galxe Passport here!


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