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First World’s App-aggregator Bluethrone Raises $6.5M in Seed from XT Hi-Tech

Tuesday, 06 September 2022 07:45 AM

SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE / ACCESSWIRE / September 6, 2022 / Bluethrone is the world's first app-aggregator platform.

What the company does, in essence, is to buy and grow product market fit mobile apps.

"The money in aggregators is just out of this world," says co-founder Alon Waller, "A developer who sold us his app was able to pay off his mortgage. Another bought a house for his parents. I want to do the same thing for app developers all over the world because I want to grow their fresh ideas into a category king. I want the indie developers and small studios to grow as big as they can be, and it can't happen without serious cash in hand, so Bluethrone is here to create that environment."

Bluethrone started buying apps in 2021 and has grown considerably since then. Today, there are over 30 apps under their brand and those developers that they bought apps from are free to do what they do best: creating extraordinary apps.

Bluethrone offers two exit paths: Direct exit or partnership, where the developer/s "stay in the game" and work with Bluethrone's team of growth experts to take the app to its next level.'

"The way I see it, the digital world is asking for too much. Everyone is becoming a jack of all trades. Look at how much work social media influencers put in. They are their own product, they market themselves, and they film, edit, and produce. Entrepreneurs and app developers are in the same boat, when you have an app, among everything else you must market it, map it, optimize the ASO, redesign the onboarding, offer pages, and develop features that move the needle.

Since we're only human, this is impossible to do alone and it's very difficult and frustrating to build a great team.

That's why we offer developers to leave it to the experts and hand over their hard work for a big paycheck or allow us to grow with you. Eli Malkiel, another one of Bluethrone's founders and COO, is confident they are sitting on something substantial, innovative, and influential.

After all, an idea that doesn't hold the kind of promise that Bluethrone has wouldn't have kicked off with a USD6.5 million seed fund from a respectable VC as XT Hi-Tech.

Bluethrone allows developers the freedom to liquidate their apps into assets or stay on to become collaborators. It's a great exit plan for those who are struggling to grow their existing apps or are raring to go on a new idea. Instead of binning their projects, Bluethrone can swoop in and acquire what they've already created and grow it - but only if the app passes their stringent requirements. If your app is given the green light by their A.I. algorithm and analyst team, you'll be well on your way to the next step and be rewarded for all those sleepless nights.

"We're changing fortunes," says co-founder Idan Waller, "One app at a time." Bluethrone is a culmination of experience, expertise and ideas, backed by strong investors and the mission to go big or go home. "We help keep developers and studios dreams alive, but not only that, we facilitate the growth of great technological ideas and innovation by taking the apps from 1 to 100."

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