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Edge Theory Labs Solves Massive Market Need: Cold Water Immersion Is Now More Accessible To The Masses Through Portable, Iceless Ice Bath

Friday, September 9, 2022 4:10 PM

SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 9, 2022 / Cold water immersion (CWI) is a recovery method that works to reduce inflammation and heal acute injuries taking it a step further from applying ice to sprained ankles, sore shoulders, and/or headaches.

CWI immerses your full body in water chilled to a goosebump-inducing temperature as low as 37 degrees Fahrenheit for extended periods of time. This technique has been known to serious athletes and holistic health masters for years and finally receiving the attention and respect it deserves by scientists in the field and industry leaders around the world.

The work to build a formidable & reusable cold tub for the masses has not been an easy task, with pricing causing a significant entry barrier for most interested parties. Inconvenience strikes as you find yourself waiting in line at the local grocery store struggling to haul your five bags of ice for the tenth time. Rob and Joshua Church, cousins and co-founders of Edge Theory Labs, sought to bring a solution to the market with Joshua deriving inspiration from a Wim Hof retreat in Iceland and Rob's background in supply chain and operations . This would prove to be an effective duo as the two would need the tenacity to take on a rapidly growing market, and the brains needed to tackle a slew of technological hurdles ahead of them.

Edge Theory Labs, Wednesday, August 31, 2022, Press release picture

Two problems were initially identified: the hefty price and a lack of portability. Rather than shelling out for a $10-$15k cold tub, people who wanted cold water immersion every day resorted to converting deep freezers which fell short in providing lifetime value, not to mention safety. Or if you were willing to spend the money, the bulky dimensions and heavy weight of prior tubs prevented you from easily moving them around or even bringing through doorways to your home making it not practical for most people.

The Edge team burst into the market with an innovative option and at half the price of other tubs. The company utilizes inflatable drop stitch material for the tub itself; the same material you'll find in inflatable stand up paddle boards all across the country, and the same durability that the Navy Seals trust for their boats on the shores of Coronado, CA. Like the paddle boards, this tub also packs into a backpack making it truly portable and practical with a 15 minute, no tools required setup or takedown. As a result, Rob and Joshua were able to provide a solution to an ever growing need in the market. Of course, their ambition didn't stop there.

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Gyms, fitness studios, PT clinics, and athletic facilities around the country are now starting to fill up with Edge Tubs, which begs the question: what is driving these selective businesses and individuals to adopt the Edge Tub for their recovery needs? Simply put, a matter of filtration and power. The Edge team elevated their technology by incorporating a 1HP commercial grade compressor and two step system that circulates and cools 100% of the water every 15 minutes, keeping it squeaky clean and cold even during high volume usage, which is a huge necessity for public businesses. Additionally, Edge Theory Labs offers WiFi connectivity to their chilling unit which allows you to adjust the temperature of your tub at any given moment. Whether you want a teeth-chattering dip at 37°F or a warm soak at 105°F (yes, it has hot-tub mode), the product gives you the ability to have an ice bath without the ice. The Edge Tub is a trusted resource by athletes, trainers, doctors, and teams at the highest levels across the NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, WNBA, UFC, and NCAA.

Joshua and Rob are advocates for pushing people to the edge of their comfort zone. They are firm believers that recovery is the foundation of your fitness goals rather than a delayed after thought. Beyond what their product physically offers to its customers, the company also recognizes the community that has been built around it and because of it. "More than just a tub" is a motto embodied by those who've indulged in the benefits of The Edge Tub as the brand offers educational content about cold water immersion with science-backed protocols and challenges that hold people accountable in a community oriented, fun way. The health benefits of CWI are no longer a secret. It's been scientifically-backed to lower stress levels, reduce anxiety, and improve sleep all while providing immune support through cardiovascular circulation. Your fitness and wellness goals just became a whole lot more attainable, and it's one Edge Tub immersion away.

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Edge Theory Labs was launched in San Diego, California in April of 2022 by Cousins Rob & Joshua Church after discovering the healing powers of cold water therapy while training for their first Ironman Triathlon together. After building a cold tub in their garage and using it every day while training, they quickly became addicted to the cold and obsessed with sharing this secret weapon with others. That kicked off a mission to engineer The Edge Tub to make cold water therapy practical, portable, and accessible to high performers everywhere.


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SOURCE: Edge Theory Labs

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