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Ludwig Shareholder Letter: Our New Mission and Business Launch

Tuesday, August 23, 2022 7:00 AM

Ludwig Brings New Technology and Innovation to Treat Chronic Inflammation

SPARKS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / August 23, 2022 / Dear Shareholders,

Ludwig (OTC PINK:LUDG) is proud to announce our new business plan and recent changes, which we believe have created valuable and exciting growth opportunities for increased shareholders' value. It begins with our journey of discovery and identifying that there is a healthcare crisis providing a tremendous opportunity for Ludwig to offer solutions in a market where there are few. This health care crisis is inflammation, a root cause of many chronic diseases.

Today's health care crisis of inflammation may be best explained by an article from "Nature Medicine" which states, "One of the most significant medical discoveries in the last twenty years is the idea that the immune system and the inflammatory process are involved not only in some selected disorders but, also in the vast array of mental and physical health problems which today dominate worldwide morbidity and mortality."

* Natural Medicine Source Below

Multiple studies have shown that chronic inflammation causes a cascade of effects leading to illness. The condition is also linked to Alzheimer's, cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Periodic increases in inflammation to fight off injuries or infections are expected and even required for survival. However, immune systems do not turn off during chronic inflammation, continuing to act as though something is wrong - either because it is still around or because the inflammatory response is malfunctioning.

Chronic inflammatory diseases have been recognized as the single most significant cause of mortality worldwide today. With over 50% of deaths attributed to these conditions, including ischemic heart disease and stroke, cancer, diabetes, neurodegenerative disorders, etc., it's clear that we need more research and treatment to understand how best to prevent them from happening in the future!

This insight opened a whole new set of treatment and therapeutic possibilities placing Ludwig at the forefront of medical technology to potentially save a tremendous amount of related costs to the rising billions of dollars that inflammation creates for healthcare today. Ludwig has taken significant steps toward this new mission to quickly develop and deploy this new business plan.

Here are some recent corporate milestones towards the launch of Ludwig's new innovative technology and mission towards the inflammation healthcare crisis:

  • Ludwig acquired valuable proprietary research data from a significant genetics firm.
  • Dr. Marvin S. Hausman, MD, a 40-year noted clinician, research scientist, and inventor, has accepted the company's Chief Science Consultant position.
  • Ludwig also acquired an mRNA patient genetic database; "Grace Health" cheek samples from breast, bladder, and colon cancer patients have been collected. The company will use these m-RNA inflammatory genetic markers to assist in disease diagnosis, monitoring, and assessment of pre and post-treatment responses. Objective: Establish a unique "Ludwig mRNA Inflammatory Index™."
  • Ludwig formed an artificial intelligence division with bioinformatics and deep machine learning experts. The focus is to search, classify, and mine different available biological databases. The proprietary Ludwig mRNA Inflammatory index™ has the potential to discover hidden gene patterns related to inflammatory causation of specific diseases, establish diagnoses, and show response to treatment.

Other Corporate Action Milestones Include:

  • The acquisitions mentioned above and changes occurred without further dilution or significant changes to the company's capital structure.
  • Ludwig retired debt and quickly raised $200,000 to capitalize the company's immediate capital requirements.
  • A medically experienced CEO was selected to administer and guide the company.
  • The company has engaged a CPA/Audit firm currently performing a 2-year audit of the company's finances.
  • Ludwig engaged the services of the securities firm Newlan Law to file an S1 and to pave the way for a potential uplisting to a national market such as NASDAQ.

Please stay tuned for coming press releases and material from the company further elaborating on our announced information in this letter.

The Future is Bright, and More is Coming

Ludwig has taken bold and innovative steps toward our new business model with key ingredients such as top management, medical professionals, and scientists, who have all had previous records of success. And these initiatives were taken to preserve the company's capital structure and position the company for a significant market up listing.

These moves toward up listing with an S1 filing are similar to a private company preparing for an Initial Public Offering (IPO). From our viewpoint, the company's new medical technology, valuable data, and coming products are potentially impactful enough to catapult the company to become a pioneer in the field and potentially a household-recognized name.

With this in mind, we thank our current shareholder base and welcome the many new shareholders we believe the company will attract. In the coming months, we will broaden our investor relations (IR) services with a robust IR communications department and continued efforts for a fully transparent company and management team committed to the long-term shareholder's best interests.


Management Team of Ludwig (LUDG)

[email protected]


SOURCE: Ludwig Enterprises Inc.

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