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Driver Technologies and Stable Insurance Announce Partnership to Offer Dash Cam Discount to Rideshare Drivers

Tuesday, August 23, 2022 9:15 AM
Driver Technologies, Inc.

Rideshare drivers are now eligible to receive up to a 20% discount on new commercial-grade auto insurance when using a dashcam

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 23, 2022 / Driver Technologies, Inc., an AI-based mobility tech company that delivers a safer driving experience, and Stable Insurance (Stable), a new insurtech company built specifically for rideshare drivers and fleets, today announced a partnership to help more rideshare drivers get the commercial-grade auto insurance they need while providing them with the technology to better protect their passengers and themselves while on the roads.

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Stable is offering its insurance for rideshare drivers at a discount of up to a 20% lower premium for those drivers who agree to use a dash cam. In addition, rideshare drivers will lower their collision deductible from $1,000 to $0 if the driver was using a dash cam at the time of an "off app" accident. Through this partnership, Stable Insurance will be offering the premium version of the Driver Technologies Inc., Driver: Dash Cam and Safety app to all of its insured drivers. As part of DriverPremium, drivers can access their DriverCloud to view all of their telematics data and videos in order to receive automated coaching and share any videos for claims purposes. Plus, drivers can also request in-app roadside assistance, which will include less than 30-minute support from more than 100,000 active service providers all over the U.S. Backed by experienced roadside partner, HONK, DriverRoadside's rescue team can also provide additional, trained photo support of the accident scene for the driver to share with their insurance company or law enforcement.

In addition, if rideshare drivers don't have compatible devices, Driver Technologies and Stable can outfit them with either brand new iPhone SEs or iPads with the Driver app and accessories like a dash mount to easily run Driver during trips.

"At Stable, we believe a dash cam is one of the most important tools a rideshare driver can have as it protects the driver inside the vehicle, but it also gives the driver the evidence they need when they get in an accident," said John Salvucci, co-founder of Stable Insurance. "As a rideshare driver, it's not a matter of if you'll be in an accident, but when; therefore, our mission is to simplify the insurance claims handling process to get rideshare drivers back to work following an accident. We believe that Driver Technologies' dash cam app is the easiest way to help rideshare drivers do just that."

Driver Technologies recently announced the launch of the premium version of its No. 1 rated dash cam app, Driver®, which includes real-time safety alerts: forward collision, driver drowsiness and distraction warnings, cloud storage, AI analysis, nationwide roadside assistance through HONK, gas rewards with GasBuddy and coaching to help promote good driving habits. Now, through its partnership with Stable, rideshare drivers can use the Driver app better to protect themselves and their passengers on the road.

"At Driver, we make it easy for rideshare drivers to stay protected via our dash cam app and mobile driving assistance system to help them get to their next destination safely," said Rashid Galadanci, CEO and co-founder of Driver Technologies. "Our premium Driver app turns just your phone into a dash cam with mobility assistance features. Rideshare drivers can save close to $15 a month on their premium and $1,000 in deductible just by having our app and Stable Insurance."

Stable recently launched its first insurance product in Illinois for drivers who own vehicles they drive on rideshare networks like Uber and Lyft. Stable's products are developed by insurance experts and tailored, based on input from hundreds of drivers and fleets, to meet the unique needs of drivers, cover their specific risks, and adequately protect them. Stable plans to expand rapidly state by state as it will begin to offer coverage in Arizona, Georgia, Tennessee, and Texas later this year. It also aims to go live in California and Florida in the next 12 to 18 months. By the end of 2022, it will introduce insurance coverage designed for rideshare fleets and carshare vehicle owners.

For more information about Driver Technologies' and Stable Insurance's partnership, please download the Driver App in the Apple or Androidapp store, visit, or for an insurance quote and more information, rideshare drivers in Illinois can visit

About Driver Technologies

Driver Technologies is an AI-based mobility tech company that delivers the products and services needed to keep everyone protected on the road. Their mobile app Driver, transforms a driver's phone into a dash cam designed to improve road safety and make mobility technology more accessible. Driver allows users to video record their trip while receiving safety alerts such as forward collision, driver drowsiness and distraction warnings, while also offering cloud-based video storage, roadside assistance services, coaching, and scoring capabilities. Users have full control over their data stored on the DriverCloud and can choose what to share with interested parties such as employers, insurers and family members. The Driver app was recently featured in the June 2022 print edition of Consumer Reports as one of four dash cameras in the June 2022 print edition of Consumer Reports on "What a Dash Cam Can Do For You." For more information, please visit

About Stable

Stable, an insurtech company built specifically for rideshare and carshare drivers and fleets, was founded in 2018 by Douglas Ver Mulm, Stephen Dekker, and John Salvucci. The company was born out of a small rideshare fleet that could not find an insurance option that worked for it, so its owners decided to build it themselves. Stable is passionate about building insurance and tools that allow its customers to run more efficiently and profitably. Learn more about how Stable works with rideshare and carshare vehicle owners to deliver more value through insurance at


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SOURCE: Driver Technologies, Inc.

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