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Agata Everest & The Everest Foundation Give Back

Wednesday, August 17, 2022 12:08 PM

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / August 17, 2022 / Over the years, Dr. Michael Everest and Mrs. Agata Everest have contributed millions of dollars towards graduate medical education and research in the country through their family non-profit, the Edwin Everest Foundation.

But why graduate medical education? According to Dr. Michael Everest, the chair of the Everest Foundation, and Agata Everest, the president, and CEO, supporting graduate medical education is part of the Everest family tradition.

As Dr. Michael Everest puts it, his father, Dr. Edwin A.D. Everest, opened his eyes to the role of essential and groundbreaking medical research. Dr. Edwin A.D. Everest firmly believed in the power of education as an important tool to help future generations and societies.

Moreover, as a doctor, he passionately believed that sophisticated graduate medical education levels could help society and the communities in several important ways.

Thus, The Everest Foundation affirms that he is only carrying forward his father's vision and the values he taught him by funding many top U.S. medical schools, research facilities, and programs. The foundation's contributions to medical schools across the country also give back to the community.

Research Programs Funded by the Everest Foundation

Over the last decade, the organization has funded numerous national research initiatives. One of its first significant contributions was when the organization established a research grant for volunteer postdoctoral trainees with a gift of one million dollars at the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California in 2013.

Since then, The Everest Foundation has established partnerships and collaborations with many top medical research facilities in the U.S.

Recently, the organization has partnered with the Albert Einstein College of Medicine to recognize their groundbreaking research initiative into atherosclerosis prevention. Also, during the pandemic's initial phases, the foundation contributed significantly to developing the 'Exoskeleton Program.'

This program was developed by Dr. Michael Everest himself and primarily aimed at treating spinal cord injuries suffered by countless U.S. veterans. The research for the program got underway first at the New York Bronx Veteran Administration and was later spread across many premier VA hospitals and institutes in the country.

In addition to collaborating with top medical schools, Agata Everest and the team at the foundation actively support grassroots research in the medical field and promote general healthcare awareness among local communities.

Since the latter often suffer from an acute lack of funds (which in many cases leads to aborting those helpful and praiseworthy initiatives), the Everest Foundation has invested heavily to help and support grassroots and community-level healthcare initiatives over the years.

Similar concerns have also led Agata Everest to look beyond the U.S. and fund many major medical research initiatives in several Southeast Asian countries, including India, Myanmar, Vietnam, and more.

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SOURCE: Todays News Media

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