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How to Recharge on Short Vacations: Margaritaville at Sea 3-Day Reset Cruise

Tuesday, August 16, 2022 10:30 AM

PORT OF PALM BEACH, FL / ACCESSWIRE / August 16, 2022 / A study appearing in the journal Stress & Health showed that those partaking in regular short vacations not only saw notable improvements in their health and wellness, but also reported renewed vigor as they returned to their daily lives. Additionally, travelers on micro-vacations often cited in their reviews that the best way to find distance from the stress of work and the demands of daily life was to venture away from land altogether. Short, all-inclusive cruises were shown to significantly improve health and wellness without breaking the bank. These short trips also limit the stress around logistical challenges associated with longer vacations.

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With this in mind, Margaritaville at Sea, a floating island vacation, designed its three-day, two-night cruise experience around an ideal balance of relaxation and adventure to help vacationers recharge during their time away.

To assist cruise-goers in optimizing their rest and recharge time over the three days, Margaritaville at Sea shares their top tips for getting the most out of short vacations.

Disconnect from Technology

In a published study, the Pew Research Center cited social media and the use of digital technology as major contributing factors to stress levels. Disconnecting from social media, even for a short time, can decrease anxiety related to social pressures and limit exposure to distressing news events. While Margaritaville at Sea does offer onboard Wi-Fi for passengers, stepping away from the internet aboard Margaritaville At Sea Paradise is easy as guests are treated to around-the-clock entertainment and spectacular Caribbean views to help with "screen/life" balance.

Commit to Alone Time

Margaritaville at Sea offers exciting family activities and entertainment, as well as impactful ways to recharge with invaluable alone time. The ship features an adults-only pool, a full-service spa and salon, numerous bars and lounges for a quiet drink, poolside daybeds and limitless areas to read or journal. When traveling with a partner or family, make it a point to share priorities and split time between activities with the kids and taking time for self-care. Margaritaville At Sea Paradise also offers the Kid's Club, where children and teens can enjoy programs specifically designed for their age groups under the supervision of qualified youth counselors.

Spend Time Outdoors

There are countless studies that correlate wellness and good mood with time in natural surroundings. Margaritaville at Sea offers several opportunities to connect with nature. Ship-goers can spend endless time in the sun, soak in the tropical beauty of the Caribbean, and watch a vast sky full of stars on the open deck. Excursion packages also allow for time on beautiful Bahamian beaches, where vacationers can swim in the crystal-blue waters and enjoy colorful marine life.

Choosing to take a short vacation is a smart way to reinvigorate over a weekend. A three-day trip on a floating island paradise can feel like a weeklong vacation with the right balance of activities, time in nature, and much needed time for reflection and self-care.


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