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Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Consumers and Sales Prospects

Monday, August 15, 2022 10:40 PM

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / August 15, 2022 / Reverse telephone look-ups for an individual's direct business line, home phone number, or personal cell / mobile phone can be extremely useful. Common reasons could be work related, personal matters, or even just looking someone's contact information up that you want to reach out to. Swordfish AI has created an easy-to-use reverse phone lookup and search tool to find a person's business or personal contact info in seconds.

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Performing reverse cell phone look-ups is easy with's new phone number search tool. Image Credit: 123RF / Fizkes.

What Is a Reverse Phone Lookup?

Finding out details about people by using their phone numbers is a process known as a "reverse phone lookup." Most people have cell phones, and you can reverse lookup to find accurate facts and other contact information. Utilizing a free reverse phone lookup service, you may verify the identity of telemarketers, phishers, and mistaken callers.

"Have you ever seen a phone number call you, but you did not answer because you did not know who was calling you? It happens to everyone, sometimes multiple times per day," said Ben Argeband, Founder and CEO of Swordfish AI.

Some common reverse phone lookup instances could be:

  • When you check your caller ID, you see that an unknown telephone number has called you.
  • Perhaps you are organizing your desk when you discover an old piece of paper with a phone number or an old business card with a name that is not easily legible.
  • You become curious about an old childhood friend, another student from high school, or a college classmate that you want to reconnect with.

A reverse phone lookup will help you save a ton of time and frustration. Find cell phone numbers, email addresses, full names, and other publicly available information associated with the phone number that called you by using a reverse phone lookup.

Instead of picking up the phone as soon as you receive a missed call, reverse lookup the phone number online to find out who it belongs to. Then decide whether or not the person or company is someone you know, or someone worth returning their call or not.

How Does a Reverse Phone Lookup Work?

There are several critical pieces of a telephone number's information that are separated during a reverse phone lookup. The first confirms the location / city of the area code of the phone number calling you, which is the first three digits. The second confirms whether the phone number is a landline or a cell / mobile phone. It can also determine the telephone company that owns the number, or the cell / mobile phone carrier that issued the cell phone.

Additional details can be found, such as the full person's name or company name, the email address associated with the phone number, and other valuable contact details. All can be retrieved using a reverse phone lookup.

How To Do a Free Reverse Phone Lookup?

Various websites offer phone numbers for free. The issue is that sometimes you do get what you pay for. These free phone number finding websites frequently produce incorrect results. Thus, "free" might indicate something else.

"Reverse phone look-ups are easy with our proprietary Swordfish AI platform and algorithm process. On average, there is 95% to 98% accuracy rate to verify and validate the personal or business contact information you are reverse searching for," said Argeband.

5 Best Reverse Phone Lookup Websites

What are the best cell phone number lookup tools to utilize for phone number searches? To discover direct contact information quickly and accurately, online databases, including many good reverse phone lookup sites, have created easy-to-use free tools for your use.

Here is a list of the five best reverse cell phone number lookup tools for discovering phone numbers:

1. Swordfish AI

Swordfish AI is a proprietary data engine that simultaneously connects to over 200+ network data partners to bring users the most updated and accurate contact information, including personal and business email addresses, and the prized piece of personal contact information, cell phone and mobile phone numbers through their comprehensive phone database containing millions of phone numbers.

2. Pipl

The Pipl ( identity resolution engine connects personal, professional, and social identity data from across the world. It provides analysts and investigators with an unequaled worldwide index of over 3 billion trusted identity profiles. According to the Pipl website, it speeds up investigations and combat fraud with the world's premier source of authentic identity verification information. Alternatives to Pipl are available.

3. Intelius

Intelius ( offers details about persons, their biographies, and their associations with other people, locations, and businesses. With the help of a broad network of publicly and commercially accessible sources, Intelius' powerful and patented technological platform collects over 20 billion public documents. A reverse lookup alternative to Intelius may be needed.

4. BeenVerified

On BeenVerified ( search compelling data on their website, or a BeenVerified alternative, including social profiles and images, lookup real estate and other assets, bankruptcy records, and more. They also feature a collection of resources to assist users in learning more about public records and being aware of the significant ways that public data may affect your life.

5. Radaris

Radaris ( allows users to perform a public records deep search for background checks, contact details, social media mentions, monitoring, and more. Finding an old classmate or long-lost buddy, learning more about your online date's personal history, keeping an eye on your online presence, and other things can all be done with the help of the data access it provides to free online profiles and premium paid reports. Alternatives to Radaris do exist.

About Swordfish AI's Reverse Cell Phone Lookup

Who Uses Swordfish AI?

- Anyone wanting to get verified contact info quickly - cell phone numbers or emails.

- Sales Professionals wanting to target and land Enterprise-Level accounts.

- Sales Development Reps (SDRs) or Business Development Reps (BDRs) wanting to generate leads quickly for scheduling demo calls.

- Recruiting, Human Resources (HR), Talent Acquisition, and Teams of Recruiters looking to source candidate contact information to fill open positions quickly.

- CEOs and Founders looking to target more potential investors and raise money for their startup company.

Common Problems Swordfish AI Solves:

- Are your Sales Development Reps (SDRs) not booking enough meetings?

- Would your Account Executives (AEs) rather be talking to more sales prospects and closing more Enterprise-Level deals?

- Burned out from spending too much time finding accurate decision maker cell phone numbers and emails?

- Struggling to find new prospects, and then figuring out how to contact them?

- Would you rather have a prospect's cell phone number to call or text them directly, instead of emails that never get replied to?

Best Use Cases for Swordfish AI:

Use in combination with your existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software or Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Quickly enrich your missing contact data in bulk, just with a few clicks. For Sales, enrich your CRM prospect data. For Recruiting, enrich your ATS candidate application data.

Swordfish AI works great with CRM and ATS platforms such as SalesForce, Hubspot, PipeDrive, Zohoi, Taleo, PCRecruiter, CATSone, Zoho, plus many more.

Swordfish AI is a more accurate and cost-effective alternative vs. competitors such as: Zoominfo, DiscoverOrg, RocketReach, Lusha, Uplead, SignalHire,, Clearbit, ContactOut, AeroLeads, Voila Norbert, BeenVerified, Spokeo, Intelius, Radaris and many other contact finding tools and platforms.

For use with all popular online social media: Google, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, StackOverflow, Dribbble, Bing, and others.

Easily enrich or export social media profiles with full contact information (personal and business email addresses, direct dial telephone numbers, cell and mobile numbers). Use with a Google Chrome Extension, or with spreadsheets and bulk import / export tool that works in minutes.

Don't take our word for it, see for yourself.

John Hefter
Enterprise Sales Executive
[email protected]

Schedule a Free Trial or Demo of the Platform to See a Reverse Cell Phone Lookup in Action:

SOURCE: Swordfish AI

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