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NOAA Climate Report Reveals the Toll of Weather Disasters as the World Waits for Leadership on Climate Crisis

Monday, August 15, 2022 1:30 PM
HNO International

HNO International CEO Don Owens continues to urge the world to embrace technology and tools that will impact climate change science today

CHICAGO, IL / ACCESSWIRE / August 15, 2022 / NOAA's July Climate report - released on Aug. 11 - which cites historic flash flooding juxtaposed with extreme heat and expanding drought, further heralds the cause and effect of an ongoing climate crisis while experts like Don Owens, CEO and chairman of HNO International, founder of the Coalition Against Black Carbon and author of "Burn Fuel Better," continue to sound the alarm. The report cites extreme temperatures across the United States that are 20% above average and ranked in the highest one-third of the 113-year period of record.

"We must foster a deeper conversation on climate change," Owens said. "While most new climate change regulations and technologies paint carbon dioxide as the primary driver of climate change the true culprit is the less widely known black carbon (soot). It's the main reason for global warming."

According to Owens, black carbon coats snow and ice and is the main reason glaciers are melting into the Arctic and Antarctic oceans. The pollutant traps heat and makes hot zones hotter. Black carbon is what's left when we burn fossil fuels, and it is up to 1,500 times more dangerous than carbon dioxide. In fact, it's the "leading environmental cause of poor health and premature deaths," according to The Climate and Clean Air Coalition.

Owens is on a mission to educate the world about the dangers of black carbon and the available solutions, including hydrogen technologies. He is challenging all governments, industry leaders, the private sector, environmental agencies and the general public to face the dangers of black carbon and to take action towards addressing this global threat.

"Soot-covered glaciers are melting, endangering arctic wildlife. And rising sea levels are contributing to erosion, elevating storm surge and warming the ocean -- all of which make hurricanes more catastrophic," Owens said. "The evidence of climate change is everywhere. Black carbon is the cause, and hydrogen energy is the solution."

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At HNO International, we research and develop industry-leading and patented hydrogen technologies and custom solutions needed to enable industries and communities to transition to clean electricity. We create hydrogen generators (electrolyzers), fuel cells, and all the necessary components to realize the promise of the hydrogen economy. HNO International believes it is uniquely positioned as a change-maker to help businesses stay ahead of government regulations, save on operational costs, and provide environmental benefits. Our experience in hydrogen technological components, such as patented, inexpensive yet durable, and highly-efficient PEM membranes for electrolysis, coupled with our patented hydrogen electrolyzer systems, makes HNO International a critical player in the global effort to transition to truly clean energy.


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