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VirExit Technologies, Inc. Professional Program Update

Monday, August 15, 2022 2:15 PM

VirExit Technologies, Inc. Professional Program Update: Mink Radiologic Imaging chose the BreatheEasy Mask™ for their professional staff and technicians at all their locations.

Mink Radiologic Imaging, one of the leading imaging centers in the country chose BreatheEasy masks for their professional staff, technicians, and their multiple locations for everyday use. In the medical field, it is important for everyone's safety to wear a mask. It is equally as important for the staff that wears them all day to have the most comfortable and protective mask available. Mink Radiology is well known and respected around the country for their state-of-the-art facilities, highly trained staff and high-profile clientele. Dr. Mink is the nationally recognized expert in musculoskeletal imaging and an innovator in applications of magnetic resonance to musculoskeletal disorders. The first of the five textbooks he has authored, MRI of the Knee, was published in 1987 and remains the benchmark work in the field. Virtually all fundamental principles and criteria for MR diagnoses of knee disorders were established in this publication.

RICHLAND, WA / CCESSWIRE / August 15, 2022 / VirExit Technologies, Inc. (OTC PINK:VXIT) is launching programs for large professional organizations with ongoing requirements for highly protective masks.

The Company's BreatheEasy Mask is not only as effective (99.9%) as an N95 mask but is also extremely comfortable and can easily be worn all day long, on the job or at home and for over a year of re-use.

The company is also finding interest from professionals, who continue to wear masks on the job where it is customary or because of their exposure to potentially contagious people and they are in a business where patients and customers may have a concern. The Company is generating significant interest from several market segments: Consumers and others in high exposure jobs, such as medical, hospitality, law enforcement including 60,000 TSA agents and 50,000 Border and Customs agents, among others.

Mink Radiologic Imaging headquartered in Los Angeles, is one of the country's most respected imaging firms. Recently they provided the VirExit BreatheEasy Masks to all their employees with great reception.

"Our employees need a highly protective mask that is comfortable all day long. Additionally, it is important that they can be clearly understood when talking with a mask on, unlike the muffled voice of an N95 type mask. The BreatheEasy Mask is certainly one of the only masks that meets all the criteria," said Khoi M. Lam, Director of Operations.

Web Barth, CMO, VirExit Technologies, Inc. states, "Our goal is to offer maximum protection to employees, passengers, customers, students, parishioners, and those who need the protection from a mask due to their age or other health conditions. We believe our mask is the most protective and most comfortable all-day mask in the world. We continue to introduce the mask to all major market segments."


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