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DFY Diversify is an Atlanta-Based Company Helping Entrepreneurs and Investors Succeed in E-Commerce

Monday, 15 August 2022 07:20

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 15, 2022 / DFY Diversify was created in 2020 to provide services for businesses. Initially DFY aimed to help businesses get high quality leads using digital marketing on social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

DFY Diversify, Monday, August 15, 2022, Press release picture

Nevertheless, soon after, that goal had to be reformulated as they realized that most people did not have the knowledge to run a business so they shifted their focus to an all-in-one service such as e-commerce.

"Our strategies progressed to Amazon, Walmart, and Shopify for fully managed operations that take care of all the resource gathering, brand recognition, supplier sourcing, warehousing, supply chains, customer service, and every other aspect of running a successful e-commerce business. To date, we have helped over 100 clients build business credit, generate cash flow and create a wealth system." Explains Jonathan Bautista, the businessman behind DFY Diversify.

When DFY Diversify launched, it initially was a digital marketing agency, but as they grew they discovered that there was a greater demand for e-commerce so they focused their efforts on helping e-commerce companies achieve success through social media marketing for their websites.

"This strategy evolved into a completely done-for-you service so that success on these platforms is within the reach of even the average family. By offering a fully managed business, we give people their lives back. Helping them achieve the goals they have always dreamed of. E-commerce is an ever-expanding field, and we see the value in growing the community." Says Jonathan Bautista.

Nowadays, DFY Diversify is a company based in Atlanta that helps entrepreneurs and investors become successful in the e-commerce industry by providing them with resources such as product selection, warehouse sourcing, distribution, customer service, and much more to increase their chances of success in this ever-changing field.

DFY Diversify also helps entrepreneurs and investors to gain access to business credit, business financing and credit repair services. To help them succeed in the e-commerce space, DFY connects entrepreneurs and investors with the resources necessary to achieve that success.

The DFY Diversify team has over a decade of experience in everything related to running Amazon, Walmart, and Shopify businesses generating millions of dollars. With two years in the book, DFY Diversify currently differentiates itself from its competition because they believe in customer service and customer satisfaction.

DFY Diversify's response time for customers is between immediate and up to three hours. This is why they have invested 10 times more in their services and foundational structures than they have in advertising.

"If we are not able to generate a customer's full investment in a year or less, we will literally pay them the difference. However, we don't want to wait a whole year just to break even. We have specific benchmarks that each store must achieve, and if we find that the store is deviating from those benchmarks, we will solve the problem, and if it can't be solved, we will shift the client's investment to a more successful strategy." Jonathan Bautista adds.

In the near future, DFY Diversify is aiming to add 30 new customers each month and generate a minimum amount of 10K per month in profit for each customer. In addition to expanding, they want to generate positive experiences with all their customers and turn them into lifetime partners.

Get more information about DFY Diversify here.


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SOURCE: DFY Diversify

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