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"Cannabis Helping Cops" - DrazCanna, Inc.'s ESG Initiative Produces an Unexpected Result: Has the Google News Algorithm Been 'Cracked'?

Thursday, 11 August 2022 09:50 AM

DrazCanna, Inc.

DrazCanna, Inc. (OTCBB:DZCA) Bio-Pharmaceutical Research and Development company announces another Cannabis Industry Leading Environmental Social Governance Initiative (ESG) with Corporate Participation of Phase-1 Application Testing of Linguistic Data Algorithm on its Corporate Press Releases to Aid the Police Industry.

DEARBORN HEIGHTS, MI / ACCESSWIRE / August 11, 2022 / "Cannabis Helping Cops" Results of Phase-1 Test of linguistic data algorithm upon DrazCanna, Inc's Press Releases disclosed. The model is designed to aid the police industry in reducing police related deaths and injuries on both sides of the Blue Wall through analysis of police incident report databases to identify officers in need of assistance through the finding of "anomalies" within individual police officer's incidents reports. Part of the tool was utilized within the algorithm of DrazCanna's patent pending cultivation process

DrazCanna's most recent initiative to industry leading Environmental Social and Governance commitment is demonstrated by finding innovative ways in which to leverage the talents of their team members to develop approaches and methods that make a positive impact on the world.

"This was a unique opportunity for DrazCanna to utilize a linguistic data analytics tool developed to identify anomalies in police incident report databases to find the anomalies. The same analytical algorithm also identifies the ‘anomalies' that create top placement of news articles and press releases in Google News rankings for selected keywords", stated DrazCanna's President Hussein Anani. "We are a data-driven company with the goal to be the best emerging growth investment, so it did fit to utilize an advanced algorithm to maximize the reach of our press releases."

"The results have been nothing short of extraordinary in maximizing the reach of DrazCanna's first five press releases", exclaimed Hussein. "The process of optimizing the content and message provided within our press releases resulted in number one ranking on Google News for each pre-selected search terms."

"The individual that created the program doesn't seek notoriety for his accomplishments in predictive data analytics, so we will call him ‘Draz'" stated Ali Anani, Chief Executive Officer of reverse merger partner DrazCanna, Inc (Michigan based). "Who would have thought? A linguistic data algorithm to aid in helping police officers being used by a cannabis company on corporate press releases."

The Phase One testing process involved the identification of ‘ranking anomalies' on the Google News platform from a variety of search terms. The linguistic data analytics tool was used to analyze the text within the "identified anomaly" news articles and press releases in hopes of "recreating the anomaly" going forward within DrazCanna's press releases.

DrazCanna, Inc., Thursday, August 11, 2022, Press release picture
Hussein Anani and Draz

DrazCanna's First Google News Algorithm Test

The challenge of the first message to the public from an entrepreneurial company is maximizing reach, getting your voice heard. DrazCanna looked at different PR firms to aid in optimizing corporate communications, but a decision was made to write the first few press releases internally.

Unbeknownst to other team members, ‘Draz' was using a "data analytics tool" to write the first draft of DrazCanna's first corporate press release. The draft was shared with other DrazCanna team members to review and edit before publication.

"Prior to publishing of the first press release, ‘Draz' put forth that the goal was to be number one on the Google News feed with the agreed upon targeted search words. We were thinking ‘yeah right' such a lofty goal but to our collective astonishment, the algorithm was right as each target achieved not just first page ranking but number one." stated Ali Anani, "On the subsequent press releases, ‘Draz' made cryptic statements like ‘it is one thing to be number one on Google News tab but to be first page on the All tab for the selected keywords is quite the challenge'. Then that happened. We were in complete disbelief, so we reached out to people in the US and around the world to see if they got the same result as we had, which they each did."

"I cannot say for sure that ‘Draz' cracked the Google News Algorithm but if he didn't there is no doubt that Google really, really likes the way ‘Draz' writes" said Ali Anani, "The model most certainly passed with flying colors all five press release tests within the Phase 1 developmental and I believe it is worthy of further development to benefit police officers and its other applications."

DrazCanna's Cannabis Industry Leading Environmental Social and Governance - ESG

DrazCanna's Environmental, Social, and Governance commitment is a multifaceted approach to industry leadership in each component with the goal to be the best emerging growth investment to our stakeholders.

  • DrazCanna's cannabis industry leading social equity excellence also includes its commitment to employee ownership and hiring practices to benefit the communities in which it operates.
  • DrazCanna's patent pending Nutrient Optimizing Data-Driven Hydroponic System and Methods for Indoor/Hybrid Greenhouse provides the basis for environmental leadership within the cannabis industry.

"Our goal is to make a positive impact upon the world we live in. We strive to be an outstanding corporate citizen by seeking solutions that create Win-Win-Wins." added Ali Anani, "After decades of 'cannabis stigma' and criminal prosecution in the US, how could we not in good conscience help improve the working lives of police officers?"

DrazCanna benefitted from the police industry research and development performed through its use of an innovative tool providing an unparalleled basis for increasing public awareness of the organization with number one placement out of millions of other related information sources on Google for selected search terms.

DrazCanna has secured the exclusive use of the linguistics data analytics program within the cannabis industry for future corporate communications including sharing industry educational, cannabis research and development, corporate citizenship, environmental, lobbying, entrepreneur equity capitalization process, and other messages in its role as a cannabis bio-pharmaceutical research and development company as well as advocating for a better path for criminal justice is police reform that focuses upon aiding police officers.

DrazCanna is committed to continue their journey to be the best environmental, social, governance investment, through our innovative application of data-driven solutions to achieve cannabis industry leading Environmental Social and Governance - ESG. The DrazCanna challenge is to innovate tactical solutions to the problems that impact us all, while striving to be the best cannabis bio-pharmaceutical research and development company.

A Personal Message from Draz - Cannabis Helping Cops

The Origins of the Police Industry Linguistic Data Analytics Program started as a result of an unfortunate police incident in late 2018 in a small Michigan town resulting in police brutality. Like many other innocent victims of police misconduct, I too was faced with overcoming the personal injuries and economic damage from the false arrest. As with most people in the US, my fifty plus years of interactions with good police officers was one I would characterize as mutual respect.

Having friends and neighbors as police officers throughout my life, I have seen many examples of good police officers who strive to know better and do better in their work. As a result of the overwhelmingly good experiences in interactions with police officers, I made a personal decision to not view myself or to think as a "victim of police violence" choosing instead to be part of the solution of making it better for all.

I chose to seek understanding before judging as I didn't want what occurred to me to happen to any human being.

For almost a year and a half after the incident, I was troubled by what occurred, confused and not fully understanding what happened. So I filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for the police incident reports and the associated recordings from the officers' cars and mics. Immediately upon reviewing the police incident reports, I saw ‘linguistic anomalies and patterns' within the individual police officer's writings concerning the incident. The challenge was to figure out the algorithm that was within the pattern I saw.

Evolution of Finding Anomalies within Google News

The opportunity to "find other ways to test" the application of the police linguistic data algorithm was the result of the ‘resistance' from the small Michigan village to a FOIA request for the police incident database electronic files. A unique request for the village but not for a forensic data scientist.

The original plan was to perform developmental testing on roughly five to six thousand individual police incident reports, many of which were from the officers involved in my incident. The choice then became to test the model's application upon job descriptions, press releases, news articles, research papers, legal filings, depositions, court orders, and other written works.

Had it not been for the village council refusing to provide the actual police incident report database computer files electronically in a meaningful and financially reasonable way, well let's just say it was very fortuitous to finding the application for Google News ranking.

There are 588 different police agencies within the state of Michigan alone, generally each with their own police incident report databases with years of written information from each of the approximately 19,000 Michigan police officers that can be analyzed. The task is to build a larger team to carry forward the development in order to improve policing in the United States for us all, one police agency after the next.

It is hoped that other ESG responsible companies in this great country will become corporate partners in this meaningful endeavor as the evolution of development continues.

As an experienced auto industry continuous improvement professional, I employed a "root cause" analysis of the officers' actions upon myself seeking to gain understanding to why police officers would behave the way they did in my incident. I analyzed the processes employed by the local police department, state police, investigatory, liability insurance, and legal. What I uncovered was systemic failures within the police industry with the most basic help and support not being provided to aid ‘troubled' police officers in improving their on-the-job performance by their police agency, local government, liability insurance company, education providers, and even their own legal counsel, leaving little to wonder as to why these unfortunate police incidents with the public occur.

The problems within the police industry are well known. The data is overwhelming that the police industry in the United States is the worst in the developed world in terms of police related deaths. The data shows certain races and ethnic minorities are disproportionately impacted, however the problem can and does affect all human beings in the US. As bad as the data shows the problem is, underreporting makes it even worse.

2021 Police Violence Report Prison Policy Initiative The Marshall Project Law Enforcement Suicide Data Collection (LESDC) - FBI

The statistics for death rates are quite clear but the impact of medical injuries and the financial impact of false arrests go untracked and further damage the victims of police brutality. Meaningful police reform will need to focus upon aiding police officers in identifying and addressing the lower levels of excessive force that if left unchecked will escalate to serious injuries and deaths on both sides of the Blue Wall.

We have seen our national and state governments attempt to legislate improvements within the police industry with limited or no success to date. The systemic nature of the problems within the police industry creates "an everybody loses" situation from police officers to innocent members of the public to our criminal justice courts. A better path for criminal justice is police reform where everybody wins!

Police agencies in the United States need help in reducing deaths, injuries and senseless violence. In order to reduce the police related deaths and suicides, we must choose to be proactive and address troubled police officers before a death occurs.

Improvement in our police industry involves tactical solutions, innovating new approaches, new processes, and new procedures that treat police officers as human beings. The path to a better life ahead for all is through identifying and aiding police officers in getting the support that they need. A reduction in police related deaths and injuries will require a change in mindset as well as improved processes and procedures from local police agencies, their governing bodies, the liability insurance companies insuring police officers, attorneys that represent police officers, and the self-investigatory system of police complaints. Identifying officers in need of assistance, education, or direction is a better approach than that of most current police agency approaches based upon "The Blue Wall of Shame" - Draz

DrazCanna, Inc.
Hussein Anani, President
P.O. Box 600
Dearborn Heights, MI 48127
[email protected]

‘Draz' may be reached at [email protected]

The opinions expressed by ‘Draz' are his opinions and may or may not be representative of DrazCanna's position.

DrazCanna, Inc., Thursday, August 11, 2022, Press release picture

About DrazCanna, Inc.

DrazCanna, Inc. (OTC:DZCA) formerly known as Sibling Group Holdings, Inc., was operating in the educational sector until 2016 and was dormant until 2021 when the corporation filed its reports to achieve current status. For more information, visit

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SOURCE: DrazCanna, Inc.

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