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“Own the Moment”, AdaTimeStamp Launches a New NFT That Makes Time Tradeable

Tuesday, August 2, 2022 11:35 PM

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS / ACCESSWIRE / August 2, 2022 / "On September 10th 2022, collectors will be able to trade moments in time through Cardano's NFT technology", declare the team of Run by the established stake pool (and ‘miner'), the team has taken its time to develop a fundamentally different NFT:

The project is built on top of Cardano (ADA), one of the 10 biggest cryptocurrencies that started in 2017. AdaTimeStamps tie ‘real time' with ‘blockchain time' to make irrefutable and immutable NFT moments that each represent a unique day since the genesis of Cardano's blockchain. AmsterdamNode co-founder Max van Rossem is confident that this innovation will be a must-have for any NFT collector, artist, and digital leader.

AdaTimeStamp, Tuesday, August 2, 2022, Press release picture

From the collector standpoint, the NFTs are especially interesting given limits in supply (as time is limited), and the fact that each moment will hold sentimental and/or intrinsic value. Secondly, for the perspective of artists the team is building a ‘shared museum', not unlike the concept of Reddit's r/place. There users ‘place' pixels on one shared canvas, similarly AdaTimeStamp collectors share one big timeline that can be customized." Each artist can personalize their moment to hang in the immutable museum. And, what's in it for the digital leaders? A timeless legacy that will carry on across generations.

According to the technical and lite-papers on, the team said: "AdaTimeStamp is a collective way that allows humanity to leave behind messages and gift pieces of immutable legacy. Want to commemorate the birth of a child? You can. Want to write about the moment Cardano's first smart contract executed? You can. Want to write down a joke that you think someone might enjoy in a few hundred years? Go right ahead. Not only will what you add to the museum's ledger endure, but it will be discoverable in a beautiful curated digital space. Through this shared canvas of time, anyone can paint knowledge, creativity, and achievements that can resonate together for generations. These aren't your dad's NFTs… they're your grandchildren's."

The 10th of September will be the day to become part of this immortal legacy. Seize the moment at AdaTimeStamp.

Company Name: AdaTimeStamp
Contact Person: Max van Rossem
Address: Spuistraat 279, 1012VR Amsterdam
Phone Number: +31650545865
Email: [email protected]
Website Link:

SOURCE: AdaTimeStamp

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