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Rhino Health Joins Alliance for Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Monday, 01 August 2022 00:00

BOSTON, MA / ACCESSWIRE / August 2, 2022 / Rhino Health, a distributed computer platform leveraging the privacy-preserving concept of federated machine learning, announced that it has joined the Alliance for Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare (AAIH).

Founded in 2018, the AAIH is the top global advocacy organization dedicated to the responsible adoption and application of AI/ML technologies in healthcare. It contains over 40 organizations dedicated to this mission, with stakeholders from industry, government, academia, and finance.

"For AI to have strong, equitable, replicable, and continuously improving performance in healthcare, access to data is key," said Ittai Dayan, MD, co-founder and CEO of Rhino Health. "Federated data management, computation, and learning provides healthcare access without risking patient privacy. We look forward to contributing our knowledge of distributed computation and federated learning to this esteemed group of organizations to collaboratively advance AI in healthcare."

Rhino Health will participate in ongoing AAIH projects and the associated outputs, such as AI/ML data projects in areas of significant unmet need, healthcare industry events, whitepapers, public consultations, and other thought leadership opportunities.

"Artificial Intelligence is now a staple in our world, from our daily lives as consumers to improving medicines and our overall health," said Naheed Kurji, CEO of Cyclica and chairperson of AAIH. "All of our members have come together to work pre-competitively towards this common goal to ensure the fair and ethical use of AI to transform patient care."

About Rhino Health

Rhino Health is a distributed computer platform, leveraging the privacy-preserving technology of federated learning. The platform allows medical researchers and healthcare AI developers to seamlessly access diverse and disparate datasets and use them to create better AI algorithms. Grounded in federated learning, Rhino Health makes it possible to collaborate without ever moving data, transferring ownership, or risking patient privacy. Headquartered in Boston, Rhino Health represents a growing team of healthcare, AI, and technology experts committed to accelerating the creation and adoption of AI-based healthcare solutions for increasingly diverse patient populations.

About the Alliance for Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare (AAIH)

The AAIH is a coalition of technology developers, pharmaceutical companies, and research organizations with the shared goal of realizing the potential for AI and machine learning to significantly improve the quality of healthcare. By convening stakeholders to address substantial industry challenges, we are working to establish responsible, ethical, and reasonable standards for the development and implementation of AI in healthcare. As an organization, the AAIH brings together industry, academia, research institutions, government, NGOs, key opinion leaders, and others to develop appropriate regulatory principles. By engaging with a wide array of participants across the healthcare spectrum, the AAIH works to actualize the promise of artificial intelligence in medicine, thereby improving patients' lives and creating more efficient, sustainable, and accessible healthcare systems. Find out more about the AAIH at

AAIH Committees:

  • Federal Engagement & Regulatory Affairs, focused on engagement with regional and international governing and regulatory bodies, such as the European Medical Association, Health Canada, and the U.S. Food & Drug Administration
  • Technology & Standards Development, focused on initiatives dedicated to fostering the development of specific technology sectors through consideration of key questions around data standards and data integrity for AI-powered healthcare solutions
  • Education & Accreditation, focused on educational initiatives to improve acceptance and understanding of AI/ML technologies within the general populace, the investment community, and legislators
  • Communications, focused on increasing awareness of the organization and positioning members as AI subject matter experts
  • Investment & Commercialization, focused on developing a comprehensive strategy for outreach and engagement with the investment community, including efforts to highlight the value proposition of AI healthcare products
  • Industry Performance & Data Analytics, focused on tracking data and performance metrics for AI in the healthcare industry and collaborating with our members and industry partners to produce reports and analytics on this performance


Daniela Davila
Intelligent Relations
[email protected]

Andrea Vuturo
Vuturo Group for AAIH
+1 (415) 689-8414
[email protected]

SOURCE: Rhino Health

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