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Having a Google Friendly Website is More Attainable Than Ever With NL Softworks

Monday, July 25, 2022 10:10 AM

BOSTON, MA / ACCESSWIRE / July 25, 2022 / NL Softworks' focus and mission is to multiply their clients' online conversion rates by 3x, thus, helping individuals and businesses grow by improving their websites while building working partnerships. The group focuses on web design, security, and ensuring your site is accessible and Google "friendly".

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What Does it Mean for Google to Like Your Site, to be Google "Friendly"?

Google pays attention to four things when determining if your website is of high quality: on-page SEO, off-page SEO, technical SEO, and whether or not users are taking action on your site, indicating that your website was useful to them.

Google puts a lot of rules on site ranking. For example, your website risks being ranked lower on Google's search engine results pages if your site doesn't load in under two seconds. Another detail that Google pays close attention to is the code structure of websites and if your website isn't structured correctly, it may affect your rankings.

Then, there is navigability and accessibility, they are somewhat similar. A navigable page helps visitors trace through it, while an accessible page can be seen by the color blind - in other words, more visitors can use your site and they don't end up at dead ends. These are not things most people think of every day, but they are things that NL Softworks considers.

Overall, you want your web design to flow. Directing people to the parts you want them to see is crucial. NL Softworks works with clients to make sure everything is in place to improve online conversion rates, resulting in more customers and higher revenues. Another problem area for many clients is security and upkeep on the backend.

How NL Softworks Helps With Security and Backend Services

It's hard to miss the growing number of attacks on websites in recent months. These incidents range from hacking attempts to gain access to your website, to downtime attacks aimed at taking your website offline. These attacks could result in anything from reduced website traffic, to lost revenue for your business.

NL Softworks builds your website with security in mind to make it as difficult as possible for attackers to compromise your website. Expertise in backups, backend security, and downtime prevention means their service provides a shield against attackers trying to harm your business.

They also provide backend services and maintenance. So, your site will always be updated with the latest security and formatting for Google algorithm favoritism.

How NL Softworks Helps Your Business Grow

NL Softworks thinks outside of the box. There is never a problem too large or too small. When challenged with something outside of their wheelhouse, they seek and vet professionals that can help. This attitude allows them to deliver the absolute best to clients in web design, backend website development, website security, branding and logo design and website maintenance.

Working With NL Softworks

"At NL Softworks, we only work with the best. If we're in need of talent, we do our research before making a final decision."

NL Softworks client partnership model makes working with them a breeze. Find out if you are fit, and they will make magic out of your web site. A lot of people don't understand how important site metrics are, and NL Softworks does. Visit NL Softworks to boost your site today.

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