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Daniel Gornetzki is the Subject of a New Interview

Wednesday, 27 July 2022 08:00

The Director of Sales at a US-based technology company sat down to discuss his life, his career, and his professional philosophy

SOUTHHOLD, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 27, 2022 / It is with great enthusiasm that Daniel Gornetzki, noted tech industry sales executive, announces that he is the subject of a new, in-depth interview. The interview, which was conducted by freelance journalist Stefan Junge on behalf of an online periodical aimed at entrepreneurs and businesspeople, was published on July 5, 2002.

Early in the piece, Daniel addresses a question about what inspired him to enter the field of software sales. "Truth be told, I never thought that I'd end up where I am in my career. One of my first mentors gave me a valuable lesson, which he himself also experienced; nobody that has gone into sales meant to go into sales, not even the most successful salespeople. It's something you just fall into," he recalls, adding, "While there was no definitive idea in my head that I'd end up in sales, I realized early in my career that I was really good at it, and so I decided to pursue it."

Further along in the interview, Daniel Gornetzki is asked to cite the one strategy that he feels has served him the best from a professional standpoint, answering, "Being genuine and honest. People have these preconceived notions that salesmen will do whatever they can to get you to buy their wares, even resorting to deception and lying. I couldn't disagree more. I try to be honest, upfront, and forthright about everything involved in sales. By doing that, you'll find that your client retention goes up, and at the end of the day, the clients end up liking you because they trust you to take good care of them and not take them for a ride, which results in business growth."

Daniel Gornetzki, Wednesday, July 27, 2022, Press release picture

Anyone interested in reading the full text of the interview will find it located here, while anyone curious to learn more about Daniel Gornetzki is encouraged to visit his professional blog.

About Daniel Gornetzki:

Daniel Gornetzki is currently the Director of Sales at a US-based technology company in New York City.

An overachiever from an early age, Daniel was accepted by the prestigious Bronx High School of Science in the Bedford Park section of the Bronx; a highly-specialized New York City public high school for gifted youth. While studying there, Daniel was inducted into the National Honor Roll. He also played on the varsity tennis and baseball teams, and served as sports editor for the school's newspaper. Beyond that, he co-founded Random Acts of Kindness, a community service organization wherein students provide personal charitable acts within the high school community, as well as strangers in need.

Daniel Gornetzki attended Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, graduating a semester early with a double major in communications and economics. He also pledged and was accepted into the renowned international fraternity, Delta Upsilon. The connections he made through Northwestern and Delta Upsilon ultimately led him back to New York City, where he took a position with the city government itself, followed by a managerial role at City University of New York. After some time, Daniel rejoined the private sector, accepting a role in the sales department at the Oracle Corporation, before taking his current position in 2020.

Media Contact:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (212) 380-8090

SOURCE: Daniel Gornetzki

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