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S2 Cognition Announces New Retail Lab Partnership Signings in Connection with Expansion Into Massive Youth Sports Market

Tuesday, 12 July 2022 09:00

S2 Cognition

NASHVILLE, TN / ACCESSWIRE / July 12, 2022 / S2 Cognition, a sports-science company that delivers a patented technology responsible for evaluating how an athlete's brain works when making split-second decisions, announced today it has entered into multiple retail distribution agreements with leading performance training centers and facilities all across the US and abroad, including BHM Futsal in Birmingham Alabama; Hitter's Paradise on the island of Maui; S24 Labs with two locations in each of Madison and Huntsville, Alabama, and one in Atlanta, Georgia; and Bombers Fastpitch of San Marcos, Texas. The company is currently in active discussions with 25+ additional facilities to become "Certified S2 Labs" where the S2 testing will be administered. Facilities and organizations interested in becoming an S2 Lab can learn more at

S2 Cognition is leading the future of sports with its 20 to 45-minute digital evaluation that offers a variety of cognitive assessments measuring anywhere from four cognitive "skills" to as many as nine. The S2 Evaluation measures an athlete's ability to process things they see with their eyes, the speed and accuracy with which they make decisions based on that visual input, and ultimately quantifies their ability to act on that information on the field of play with millisecond-level precision. The S2 Eval is currently being used by youth athletes from ages 12 to 13, to the highest levels of collegiate athletics by teams in every major conference, and in professional sports by Major League Baseball, the NFL, the NBA, and MLS.

Commenting on these new retail partnerships, S2 CEO Vaden Landers said, "Aligning ourselves with facilities that are passionate about comprehensively evaluating athletes, from the physical to the cognitive, and ultimately executing player development programs that help these athletes perform better in the context of the game, is core and central to our expansion strategy in youth sports. Furthermore, partnerships such as these are critical to making the S2 technology more broadly available to young athletes based on the fact that these facilities are where athletes of all skill levels gather in mass to train and improve their craft." Landers added, "What we are doing at S2 is going to change the way people think about any athletic environment where split-second decision-making skills are not only required, but critical to peak performance."

About S2 Cognition

Founded in 2015 by former college athletes and cognitive neuroscientists Scott Wylie and Brandon Ally who met at Vanderbilt University while serving in research and clinical roles, S2 Cognition is a best-in-class digital evaluation platform that is scientifically validated to measure an athlete's cognitive abilities that have, until now, been unquantifiable. S2 is used by top NCAA, MLB, NFL, and MLS teams to aid in draft and recruiting decisions, measure player performance, and train better athletes through a structured prescription of drills to enhance player development. S2 believes that knowing how and why an athlete is wired from a cognitive perspective helps to create a more complete understanding as to why players excel in certain areas and struggle in others, so that player efficiency and performance is optimized. Working with S2 allows an athlete to see what others can't, train like others won't, and perform like others don't!

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