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Tax Sales Hub About to Launch Game-Changing Tax Sales SaaS Software

Monday, 27 June 2022 09:00 AM

The aim is to make it simple for every municipality in Canada to efficiently manage tax sales through standardization.

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / June 27, 2022 / A rapidly growing leader in the real estate industry, Tax Sales Hub, is pleased to announce it will soon be launching its new tax sales SaaS software that will be a game-changer for municipalities and investors across Canada.

Established in 2019, Tax Sales Hub is a proud Canadian-based company with a mission to fill the gap of an absence of centralized source of tax sales properties across the country. The company works from two angles that both help investors to acquire properties/land way below market value, while also helping municipalities to raise more money for unpaid taxes. Tax Sales Hub does this by manually aggregating tax sales announcements nationwide and by bringing awareness among local real estate investors and communities.

Today, Tax Sales Hub is informing real estate investors that it is in the final stages of releasing a new software that will make it simple for every municipality in Canada to manage tax sales. With the comprehensive software, every tax sale will be standardized, with municipalities having an option to display tax sales directly on their websites.

"We are single-handedly trying to solve a federal grade problem," says co-founder of Tax Sales Hub, Alexander Kay. "Since there are no regulations or centralized systems to handle tax sales tenders/auctions in Canada, and most municipalities announce tax sales in free form, our team is working on a software for municipalities to manage tax sales easily and in universal format across the country. The idea is to give access to our TSH app dedicated for municipalities and provide them with an easy way to add/update/cancel tax sales."

"This way we save them from Excel sheets and provide them a standardized well-structured version of tax sale entities," Kay continues. "Moreover, we also provide a simple widget, which can be injected in any municipality website's page and display their tax sales in the same way as on Tax Sales Hub."

According to the company, some provinces have provincial Gazettes, where they publish tax sales. Other provinces don't have any centralized tax sales sources and they publish tax sales on their local websites and/or press. This being said, however, every province has one thing in common when publishing tax sales - it's just a raw list of cadaster numbers.

"Tax Sales Hub aims to change this by doing all of the hard work by monitoring hundreds of municipalities across the country," Kay states. "Then, we manually look up these properties in cadaster registry, adding pictures, geo-location on Google map, boundaries, putting together documents package, and other relevant information. Once this research is complete, we add these properties to our list, which saves local investors tons of time. We welcome anyone to reach out with any questions about our game-changing tax sales software."

For more information about Tax Sales Hub, or to learn more about Ontario tax sales, please visit

About Tax Sales Hub

Tax Sales Hub first began as a side project in 2019 and initially served only a small private group of investors and friends. The purpose of the website was to simplify the process of hunting down sweet tax sale deals in Ontario and, after approximately one year, the company started to get more attention from the real estate investors' community. Since inception, Tax Sales Hub has added other provinces one by one and, from the beginning of 2022, the company has been serving the entire country to become a rock-solid SaaS company, which solves federal grade problems.

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Alexander Kay

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SOURCE: Tax Sales Hub

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