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NYNJA Introduces Wallet Capabilities to Enable Payments Directly Within the Collaborative Workstream

Thursday, 23 June 2022 08:00 AM


Businesses, Freelancers, and Content Creators Can Transact Within a Workflow Using Cryptocurrency

FT. LAUDERDALE, FL / ACCESSWIRE / June 23, 2022 / Nynja Technologies, the leading provider of Workstream Collaboration solutions for the modern workforce (Work 3.0), today announced the launch of its Nynja Wallet, a module embedded in its workstream collaboration platform that enables businesses, content creators, freelancers, and contractors to send and receive payments within the collaborative workstream anywhere in the world. The Nynja Wallet is the first digital wallet to be fully integrated into a collaboration platform and enables organizations and team workers to facilitate all business or personal payment processes in a single workstream.

As part of the Nynja Workstream Collaboration platform, the Nynja Wallet provides a critical function not found in other collaboration offerings. The wallet makes it simple to send and receive funds, and currently supports transactions using the Nynja coin (NYN), Ethereum, or USDT, with additional coins to be added in the future. This is advantageous for content creators who use the Nynja coin to engage with fans and monetize premium content. It is also attractive for businesses that use Nynja to find, hire, and pay freelancers globally.

As a self-custody wallet, the Nynja Wallet provides the security and accessibility features preferred by most users who transact in cryptocurrency. Self-custody wallets give owners complete ownership and control over their own funds and are compatible with other wallets using the well-known recovery phrase process. The Nynja Wallet transacts directly with the blockchain, with only the wallet owner having access to their coins and conducting transactions with their own unique private key. A password-encrypted local copy of the Nynja Wallet is stored on the user's device for easy access to send and receive payments within the Nynja workstream environment.

"Nynja was conceived to satisfy the entire workstream collaboration process, and payments globally, and is an essential component to that," said Salvatore "JR" Guerrieri, the company's chief executive officer. "We saw the importance of supporting cryptocurrency several years ago and introduced the Nynja coin in 2019 to begin solving the problem of how to pay a disparate workforce in a secure, expedient, and cost-effective manner around the world and without borders. The Nynja Wallet builds on this approach by allowing users to connect, collaborate, and get paid-all within the Nynja integrated workstream platform."

Nynja provides innovative technology that is designed to address the unique needs of the modern workforce, which encompasses workgroups, gig workers, freelancers, contractors, and remote-based personnel. The platform integrates a comprehensive range of capabilities such as conferencing, meetings, threaded messaging, encrypted chat, streaming, and file sharing, as well as scheduling, smart contracts, and transactions.

"Integrating payments into collaboration and productivity workstreams makes businesses more agile and prepared to execute on complex projects requiring an array of talent and resources," noted Hyoun Park, founder and chief analyst of Amalgam Insights, a San Francisco-based market research firm that calculates the value of technology. "Today's workforce is increasingly comprised of contractors, freelancers, and creators who desire payments in a fast, secure, and convenient manner. Nynja's ability to embed immediate payments into a digital work environment will accelerate the time-to-payment for the modern workforce by weeks-if not months-and align compensation to work outputs more closely."

Nynja's platform is ideal for solopreneurs, legal and healthcare industries, SME, and corporate enterprises. Its cloud architecture is completely hosted on servers based in the United States and is SOC2 and HIPAA compliant. Nynja services can be accessed via iOS and Android mobile devices and web browsers.

To learn more about the Nynja Wallet and experience a free trial of the Nynja platform, visit

About Nynja

Nynja is the leading provider of Integrated Workstream Collaboration services, offering a comprehensive solution that combines conferencing, messaging, chat, live streaming, secure file sharing, workforce management, and transactions. Its mobile-first design provides effortless and secure collaboration features that meet the evolving needs of entrepreneurs, SMBs, enterprises, and other organizations that rely on the modern workforce. Nynja is available for iOS, Android, and desktop environments. To download the app or learn more, visit

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