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Oxylabs Wins Best Overall Proxy Provider, Listed as Global Good Awards Finalist

Wednesday, June 22, 2022 8:08 AM

VILNIUS, LITHUANIA / ACCESSWIRE / June 22, 2022 / Oxylabs, a provider of premium proxies and public web data scraping solutions, is pleased to announce it has received Proxyway's top proxy provider award, in addition to earning a place as a finalist at the Global Good Awards.

Oxylabs, Wednesday, June 22, 2022, Press release picture

Oxylabs is dedicated to providing premium proxy-based services to the world's leading data-driven organizations while engaging in pro-bono efforts to make the internet more safe and secure. For four years in a row, Proxyway, a leading independent proxy research and testing company, has awarded Oxylabs top honors, earning the company its highest award for "Best Overall Proxy Provider" for 2022.

"We are incredibly grateful for being selected as the best overall proxy provider for 2022," said Julius Černiauskas, CEO of Oxylabs. "Oxylabs is graced with employees that show true dedication and determination to deliver great products and exceptional experiences to our customers daily. On behalf of Oxylabs, we would like to extend our appreciation to Proxyway's team for their in-depth yearly research and endeavors to shine a light on the industry."

Proxyway's comprehensive testing confirms top speed and performance across Oxylabs' extensive services - including an impressive pool of over 100 million residential IPs and tools - some backed by leading AI and ML technology. In addition to providing first-in-class proxy services, Oxylabs leverages the power of technology to create applications that safeguard the internet from illegal or harmful content.

The company was also recently recognized at the Global Good Awards in the "Technology for Good" category for its pro-bono work to combat sexual child abuse content on the internet. In partnership with the Lithuanian Communications Regulatory Authority (RTT), the Oxylabs team created an AI-powered tool that automatically scans Lithuanian's IP address space to find harmful images, mainly related to child sexual abuse. If found, the content is automatically forwarded to specialists for review. Within weeks, the tool found 19 websites violating national or EU laws and has since been integrated by the RRT into its daily operations.

"The mix of web scraping technology and AI-driven recognition tools is a perfect fit for the challenge faced by RRT," said Juras Juršėnas, Chief Operating Officer at Oxylabs. "It's physically impossible to monitor all sites on the Lithuanian web manually. Automation makes this task much easier with the use of a tool that scans thousands of pages to look for potentially harmful images. It then forwards those images to the hotline for RRT specialists to review - the same way as regular internet users would do through the hotline."

Founded in 2015, the Global Good Awards recognizes businesses, charities, and Non-Governmental Organizations for their work in driving social and environmental change. Judges evaluate entries for factors that include sustainability, scalability, availability, and originality in addressing the world's biggest social and environmental challenges.

"Big data can serve big goals - the potential of data gathering tools and the technologies around them for public, social or academic purposes is practically limitless," said Černiauskas. "As one of the market leaders, the Oxylabs team sees giving back to society as a natural part of business and we are always open to partnerships with a bigger purpose."

Oxylabs invites researchers, academia, public institutions and NGOs for pro-bono partnerships solving important social challenges. For information on partnership opportunities, please fill out the contact form.

About Oxylabs

Established in 2015, Oxylabs is a premium proxy and public web data acquisition solution provider, enabling companies of all sizes to utilize the power of big data. Constant innovation, a large patent portfolio, and a focus on ethics have allowed Oxylabs to become a global leader in the data acquisition industry and forge close ties with dozens of Fortune Global 500 companies. In 2022, Oxylabs was named the fastest-growing public data gathering solutions company in Europe in the Financial Times' FT 1000 list.

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SOURCE: Oxylabs

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