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Modelo Health(TM) Launches World’s First Pregnancy App for Inclusive Care(TM) in English & Spanish

Monday, 20 June 2022 00:00

Modelo Health Inc

Clinical Pilots Underway with Leading Healthcare System Mass General Brigham, Sponsored by The Brigham iHub and Funded by MassTech

BOSTON, MA / ACCESSWIRE / June 21, 2022 / Modelo Health™, the world's first pregnancy app for Inclusive Care™, launched in the U. S. The preventive care platform provides risk mitigation to lower maternal mortality and morbidity rates, and works to improve outcomes by elevating health literacy and guiding risk-appropriate and culturally-concordant care. Built on the concept of Inclusive Care™, the platform utilizes principles of precision medicine to provide an unprecedented, holistic 360° view of a mother's risk factors across the five most important health determinants (Clinical, Hereditary, Environmental, Socioeconomic, and Behavioral) throughout her pregnancy journey. Modelo Health's patent-pending technology uses an exclusive blend of evidence-based predictive algorithms and scientific data from the most trusted sources. The platform empowers clinicians and moms with personalized, critical, and previously inaccessible information that can affect health outcomes, both in-clinic and at-home. Championed by Mass General Brigham, pilots are set to commence at three of Boston's award-winning hospitals, soon followed by renown health systems across the nation.

Central to Modelo Health's mission is to eliminate health disparities and reduce preventable harm for all pregnant women. "Modelo Health, as a bilingual and culturally-concordant app would be an amazing tool for our patients," said Natalie Adsuar, MD, Cleveland Clinic, Women's Health Institute. The app is available today in both English and Spanish, with more languages in development.

Modelo Health™, the world's first pregnancy app for Inclusive Care™, is now available in the U.S.

Established by Latino co-founders Nicolas Encina and Trish Encina, Modelo Health is a passion venture, built by an experienced team of 80% mothers, 75% minorities, and 50% clinicians and researchers. The company was recently awarded a MassTech Digital Health Grant to fund the Mass General Brigham pilots across the prestigious Brigham & Women's, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Newton-Wellesley Hospital. Work with these top hospitals will build on initial reports showing that:

  • Modelo Health increases patient confidence and health literacy rates by 2x in 90% of users (for both English and Spanish native speakers).
  • 9/10 users would recommend Modelo Health to a friend.
  • Users rated 80%-100% satisfaction rates with the relevance of Modelo Health's clinical evidence-based tools.

"Using evidence-based predictive algorithms to detect the risk for severe maternal morbidity (SMM) is the first step in trying to prevent avoidable cases," said Dr Sarah Rae Easter, MD, Maternal Fetal Medicine, Brigham & Women's Hospital. "That gives clinicians the time to triage and anticipate a difficult situation, and hopefully avoid it altogether."
Modelo Health™ is for moms that want an empowered pregnancy.

What Does the Modelo Health App Solve For?

Severe maternal morbidity in the U.S. is skyrocketing, increasing by 200% since the early 1990's (CDC). Pregnant women today are more than 2 times as likely to die during pregnancy as their mothers were 30 years ago, and women of color are 2 to 3 times more at risk (CDC). The U.S. has the highest morbidity rates of all developed countries, with 3 of 5 cases being preventable. Modelo Health's mission is to use Inclusive Care™to address the disparities and health inequities in this country by educating and empowering mothers and their care teams to look broadly for signs of risk and to apply interventions early before they cause harm.

"What is exceptional about Modelo Health is its ability to bring together evidence-based, real-time algorithms in a platform that is useful for the clinician and engaging for the patient," added Dr. Adsuar. "At the Clinic we're committed to bridging the gap of healthcare inequities in our communities."
Pregnancy health is personalized with Modelo Health™, gain a 360° scientific and holistic view of your pregnancy journey.

What is Inclusive Care™?

A groundbreaking approach that takes a broad view of the most pertinent elements that impact health outcomes, Inclusive Care™ provides a multi-dimensional, real-time and holistic blueprint of the patient. Backed by data and evidence-based predictive algorithms, this creates a far more precise risk assessment of a patient. Moving beyond the traditional standards of care, Inclusive Care™ informs and guides users through prediction, participation, and prevention to encourage a more dynamic, better informed and collaborative doctor/patient relationship.

Modelo Health's Inclusive Care™ platform encapsulates:

  • 5 Health Determinants: Includes the most important - Clinical, Hereditary, Environmental, Socioeconomic, and Behavioral
  • Data: Draws on the scientific data from the most trusted sources (Harvard Medical School, EPA, CDC, USDA, etc.)
  • Advanced Statistical Models: Makes sense of the complex data which updates in real time
  • Clinicians: Provides the care team with sophisticated risk stratification and alerts on best practices
  • Patients: Empowers pregnant moms with increased health literacy, dignity and agency over their care
  • Access: Ensures all patients across all demographics, equal access to this enlightened, state-of-the-art form of care

"We're on track to prove that with Inclusive Care™ we can improve health outcomes and better align patient-clinician expectations and trust," said Nic Encina, co-founder, Modelo Health™. "Our work with Mass General Brigham will show how this can be done at scale across the most prestigious hospitals in the country."
Reduce risk by understanding all health factors through education with Modelo Health™.

What Does the Modelo Health App Do?

Based on patent-pending technology, the Modelo Health app:

  • Empowers moms through their pregnancy journey to be informed, take action and have more engaged conversations with their doctors.
  • Provides users with a unique combination of information about their personal health journey that cannot be found anywhere else.
  • Identifies risk factors, by looking at all the five determinants of health, specific to the pregnant mother and proactively shares suggestions for steps to address them.
  • Educates moms via access to a library of resources and information from some of the world's top doctors.
  • Helps to close the communication gap between patient and health care providers by working in real time to constantly update with the newest available health data.
Use real-time insights from trusted sources and clinical screens to make informed health decisions with Modelo Health™.

What are the Modelo Health App's Key Features?

  • Personalized Health Determinants: Based on information provided, Modelo Health breaks down the risks in each of the 5 determinants and offers actionable recommendations to reduce them.
  • Checklists: Simple and actionable recommendations are easily converted to tasks on checklists that provide effective instructions and management of pregnancy.
  • Resource Library & Glossary: Loaded with expert articles, Modelo Health provides exclusive answers to the most important pregnancy questions and critical pregnancy-related topics.
  • Community: A team of world-renown clinicians answer Modelo Moms' questions. Modelo Moms can submit a question or learn from the questions of fellow Modelo Moms.
  • Health Trackers: Tracks and monitors metrics, such as emotional wellbeing, nutrition, and weight.
  • Interactive Calendar: Schedules suggested action items and tracks appointments. Provides weekly updates on baby's development and health.
  • Baby's Growth: Provides a life-size and scaled view of the baby throughout pregnancy and keeps track of the pregnancy timeline.
  • Pregnancy Passport: Captures the most critical health information in preparation for delivery; a vital feature for Modelo Mom's traveling away from their home clinic.
  • Language: Full English and Spanish support.
Visualize your baby in life-size as it grows throughout pregnancy with Modelo Health™.

When and where is the Modelo Health App available?

Available now in the Apple app store.

Every purchase of a Modelo Health subscription grants a minimum of one FREE subscription to a mom in need. Modelo Health stands by the belief that an informed pregnancy is a safer pregnancy, and every mother deserves access to healthcare and resources.

Media Contact:

Karyn Martin
[email protected]

About Modelo Health™

Modelo Health™is a big data company that provides the world's only mobile app based on Inclusive Care™.The platform monitors across all health determinants and applies evidence-based risk stratification algorithms to deliver a holistic view of the mother. Serving both expectant moms and clinicians, Modelo Health's mission is to eliminate health disparities by empowering pregnant women and their care teams through education and access. Modelo Health Co-Founder Nic Encina hails from the genomics and precision medicine world, having started in the Human Genome Project. He helped start multiple biotechnology companies, and most recently founded a Precision Population Health research program at Ariadne Labs and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Co-Founder Trish Encina has a background in science, psychology and interpersonal relations. The minority-led company was established in 2021 and is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts.

SOURCE: Modelo Health Inc

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