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How The Business Cred Academy Helps Entrepreneurs Secure Funding

Thursday, June 16, 2022 3:00 PM
Credibility PR

AUSTIN, TX / ACCESSWIRE / June 16, 2022 / The Business Cred Academy was originally founded in late 2020 to fill the gap needed in financial education for current and prospective business owners. Experience in both sales and finance gave Colin Papineau (CEO and Founder) exposure to the ins and outs of the credit lending industry, which are some pillars he built The Business Cred Academy on today. The mission of The Business Cred Academy is simple: to help consumers better understand credit and be able to secure the loans they need with minimal stress and frustration.

"I help business owners and those who want to start a business establish business credit, and even improve their personal credit, to get and secure funding and capital," Papineau stated. Having set out to be a small business owner himself, he personally walked the steps and can speak to the process from first-hand experience which gives Business Cred Academy an expert advantage. "It's fulfilling for me to see other business owners grow and start to live the best life they once dreamt of," Papineau commented.

Two years post-launch, The Business Cred Academy hasn't yet needed to enact their 100% money-back guarantee even once. Over the past two years, The Business Cred Academy has seen over 2800 successful and satisfied members go through the course and move on to become business owners. This has helped the business to meet its $150,000 threshold of client funding without fail.

The Business Cred Academy is an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs who are ready to begin their own business and need help securing funding. Through his program members can learn how to scale their business and exit on the promise of being able to have $150,000 in available business funding with 0% down. The course is six-months long and takes members through the ins and outs of credit building, how to establish corporate credit, and what other types of finances are needed to establish a proper business foundation to grow from.

Prospective members begin by booking a call to be walked through the process and ask questions prior to committing to the program. Once in, they will learn valuable insights about building excellent personal and business credit, how to attain business credit (without a personal guarantee), and how to establish business credit.

By learning how to adjust and improve credit, members will become more appealing to lending institutions. The Business Cred Academy will also walk members through some common business credit mistakes and how to best avoid them. The Business Cred Academy has successfully helped thousands improve their credit and scale.

To learn more about The Business Cred Academy and how Papineau can help you secure the capital needed, visit the below:
Phone: (844) 650-0356
Email: [email protected]

SOURCE: Credibility PR

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