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KB Capital Receives 100+ Investors on Boards in a Just a Year of Launch

Tuesday, June 14, 2022 1:30 PM
KB Capital

KB Capital is a unique AI-driven trading pool for Canadians that shares ROI with every investor every single month, based on a one-time investment.

EDMONTON, AB / ACCESSWIRE / June 14, 2022 / KB Crypto is pleased to announce its Canadian wing that is exclusively designed for Canadian investors and traders. Titled "KB Capital", the Canadian unit will be regulated through ASC (Alberta Securities and Commissions) and IIROC (Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada) in the coming months. As of June 2022, the trading pool is bustling with over hundreds of investors onboard and has generated over 61% ROI.

KB Capital, Tuesday, June 14, 2022, Press release picture

The company holds a $1Million worth insurance policy. KB Capital trades on a wide range of leading trading markets, such as stock, forex, metal, and crypto futures.

KB Capital represents a state-of-the-trading pool, powered by the breakthrough AI technology. The platform believes in sharing wealth with investors and aims to offer them minimum 5% ROI every month. The monthly ROI is paid through automated weekly payments every Saturday. As of now, KB Capital boasts over $700k of investments and 2% Churn.

KB Capital allows investors to choose from 12 tiers of investments, starting from as low as $200. To invest, Canadian investors and traders will have to make a deposit in Bitcoin. It will be a one-time investment upon which KB Capital will keep on making weekly payouts every week.

Per the statements of Devon Edwards, the founder of KB Capital, they have already reached "Broker Level Execution". The company is now able to feature Tier 1 liquidity from prime banks including JP Morgan, Citibank, UBS, Deutsche Bank, XTX, Citadel and Goldman Sachs. All the funds are regulated with regulated brokers strictly.

Devon also said that their trading pool offers as many as 12 investment tiers to make investment in hedge funds a reality for aspiring investors from all walks of life- including low and middle income groups.

"KB Capital extends a warm welcome to all the investors and traders based in Canada. Our cutting-edge AI-powered trading pool is equipped with our unique proprietary software and proven strategies that allow us to share our wealth with all our investors. We deploy unique trading technologies that cover a bunch of exclusive strategies that are not available with other regular hedge funds", stated Devon adding that their Hedge Fund is uniquely designed to accept deposits and offer payout in crypto every week.

KB Capital stands out with a customized proprietary hook in the blockchain that enables the trading pool to make most accurate payouts to investors and that too with utmost convenience.

Speaking on, Devon shared that KB Capital follows HFT aka High Frequency Trading. HFT allows the company to trade the market as many as thousands of times every single day, based on the pool's current strategies. The cutting-edge trading approach enables KB Capital to run trade on the millisecond level that rewards the pool with handy profits even from small micro transactions. These profits bundle up into thousands of dollars in sizable profit every single day.

"There are several reasons why we are able to share good profits with our investors every month. One is, we practice HFT that enables us to trade the market around a thousand times one single day. Frequency in trading inevitably pumps up chances of profit. The other chief reason is our state-of-the-art AI technology that allows us to reduce the trading risk."

"We also assure complete transparency to guarantee an ethical and safe investment ambience for our traders - all our traders will have easy access to KB Capital's financial records."

KB Capital is also providing a referral bonus to every user who refers to the platform to other aspiring investors or traders.

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Contact Person: Devon Edwards
Email: [email protected]

SOURCE: KB Capital

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