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Partnership of Community Greening with Gator Paper Straws

Wednesday, 08 June 2022 08:00

Gator Paper Straws

BOCA RATON, FL / ACCESSWIRE / June 8, 2022 / Gator Paper Straws Planting a Tree in South Florida for Every Case of Straws Sold

Gator Paper Straws is deeply committed to environmental restoration, Boca Raton environmentalist and CEO of Gator Paper Straws says. For every case of Gator Paper Straws sold, RD Promo and Sourcing will plant a tree to regreen urban South Florida.

David Gary Morrison talks about Partnership of Community Greening with Gator Paper Straws

Gator Paper Straws Chose Community Greening to Maximize Environmental Impact, CEO of Gator Paper Straws says

Gator Paper Straws chose to work with Community Greening because of the environmental restoration organization's track record of success in reforesting in South Florida. Over just the last six years, Community Greening has recruited over 5,000 volunteers to plant over 9,500 trees ranging from allspice and avocado to tree bougainvilleas and white dwarf tabebuias on street corners, in public parks, on school grounds, at private homes, and in urban green spaces. Community Greening was named the "SE Florida Partner of the Year" by the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the "Spirit of the Day" award from the National Arbor Day Foundation.

Gator Paper Straws is especially happy to support Community Greening's efforts to expand the tree canopy in Delray Beach. When a Tree Canopy Assessment Report from E-Sciences revealed the Southwest and Northwest neighborhoods of Delray Beach had only about half the tree canopy of other nearby neighborhoods, Community Greening launched a "right tree, right place" program to help landowners of all kinds add trees to their landscapes.

The result was the recruitment of hundreds of school children to create an urban forest over a once-barren water filtration area next to an elementary school. The project also created a cooling canopy of shade along busy Lake Ida Road, with the addition of hundreds of beautiful native Florida trees such as live oaks, gumbo limbos, paradise trees, and pigeon plums to almost every block in the neighborhood.

Community Greening has also planted a Food Forest at Henrietta Bridge Farm and an Urban Orchard of guavas, avocados, sugar apples, Barbados cherries, sapodillas, June plums, jackfruit trees, sapodillas, and figs at Sara Sims Park in Boynton Beach.

What Makes Gator Paper Straws a Natural Partner for Environmental Efforts

Gator Paper Straws is an environmentally friendly solution to a major environmental problem, the CEO of Gator Paper Straws says. Throw-away plastic straws are overengineered for consumer satisfaction, the Boca Raton entrepreneur says. Sure, they stand up to a thick smoothie, but they also can persist in a landfill, scientists believe, for as long as 500 years. Even worse, they can get tossed into the garbage that floats off to sea, get micronized into microscopic plastic particles, and enter the ocean's food chains.

Gator Paper Straws Planting a Tree in South Florida for Every Case of Straws Sold, Per David Gary Morrison

Gator Straws understands the frustration that old-timey paper straws of the 1950s and 1960s caused their users. Gator Paper Straws has created a sturdy but compostable, biodegradable, gluten-free paper straw that breaks down just six weeks after it is thrown away.

Bioplastics are still plastics, and straws made from corn aren't biodegradable, either. Gator Paper Straws, however, is the affordable, recyclable, green alternative for reducing waste everywhere.

Caroline Hunter
Web Presence, LLC

SOURCE: Gator Paper Straws

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