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Fintech Ideas Expands its Marketing and Fintech Products into Web3

Wednesday, May 25, 2022 5:30 AM

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / May 25, 2022 / Fintech Ideas has announced that they are taking their existing suite of marketing and fintech products into Web3. The move assumes that the Libersave voucher payment system and ITTechAV online advertising platform are soon to acquire Web3 functionality. This will enable the two industry-leading specialist platforms to sync with blockchain wallets like Metamask, and take payments onto Ethereum and Solana blockchains.

The holding company that is known for developing and operating niche fintech and marketing platforms aims to complete the rollout of the upgrades by end of Q2 2022.

Acquiring Web3 functionality

DLTs and blockchain technology boast a wide range of functionality, including decentralised data storage, as well as fast and cost-effective transaction facilitation. Fintech Ideas places its bets on the latter, stating that the added features will help to decrease the costs tied to operation of the platforms, and most importantly, streamline the user experience for its users. According to the team behind the holding company, there are no plans to release any proprietary cryptocurrencies to the market.

The Web3 inclusion that is to take up both Libersave and ITTechAV mainly concerns the backend performance of the platforms, and expands the range of payment options for the demand and supply side.

Libersave is considered to be one of the most established voucher payment systems on the market. It connects merchants to prospective customers, creating an organic demand for companies across the globe. The payments platform has already become a household name in Latin America and is now quickly gaining on its competition in EU and Asian markets.

With the Libersave DLT integration, users will be able to not only make initial transactions in cryptocurrencies but also make their voucher holding rewards withdrawable. Current Libersave users can freeze their vouchers to get a 10% bonus that can then be used to make additional purchases through the platform's network of available merchants.

"We are strong believers in Web3 technology and the benefits it brings. At the same time, Web3 is mainly accessible to tech-savvy people only, and we plan to conduct our integrations in a bid to change that. We want all our users to have access to better and faster services, and naturally, our platforms will act as the medium where this sped up adoption takes place."

Eugen Geptin, CEO of Fintech Ideas

ITTechAV on the other hand, is a display ad marketing platform that processes large volumes of online traffic for advertisers that have higher than average budgets and are capable of conducting long term campaigns. Fintech Ideas states that its marketing platform is designed to deal with hyper-scale number of requests and the added blockchain functionality will help to secure all data that is managed by the company's professional ad tools.

The marketing platform is also cross synced with Pushnoti, which is another marketing product by Fintech Ideas. Pushnoti allows advertisers to subscribe prospective clients to push notifications, which is then used in highly targeted marketing campaigns. Such deep integration across products means that Web3 functionality will at some point cover all products that come out of the Fintech Ideas financing and software development house.

About Fintech Ideas

Led by a team of seasoned professionals in fintech, investments and software development, Fintech Ideas positions itself as a holding company that builds and operates niche platform-based solutions in the finance and marketing space. All products that come out of the company's press target B2B and B2C audiences, improving on functionality that is omitted by conventional key players.

This has enabled Fintech Ideas to grow into a 200+ employee software house, spread into offices in 9 countries across the world, including Germany, USA, India, Israel, Poland, UAE, Great Britain, Switzerland and Czech Republic.

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SOURCE: Fintech Ideas

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