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Ember Capital Group Brings Service & Technology Backed Home Buying Product to Market With Ember Homes

Monday, May 23, 2022 10:45 AM

Real Estate Solutions Firm to Offer Online Home Selling Experience

ATLANTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / MAY 23, 2022 / Ember Capital Group today announces the release of its flagship product, Ember Homes. Ember is confident that with its unique perspective on service, technology, and years of property buying experience throughout the country. That this will become a superior product in the world of providing property owners better solutions to sell their assets. Selling a home through Ember Homes is the fastest and easiest way to sell a property, accompanied by luxury service throughout the process.

The company is proud to launch Ember Homes as the first of many products under the Ember Capital Group umbrella. This move is a true testament to Ember's continuous focus on innovation, and bringing the best products, solutions, and services to the marketplace. This is one of many major announcements Ember is set to make this summer, all with the intent to achieve its vision of disrupting the real estate industry. Ember's ambitious goals require highly talented and passionate professionals, because of this Ember is seeking talented individuals who share their ideals to join the team.

Ember Capital Group CEO Shawn Surani spoke about the company's new direction, "We are very excited by the launch of Ember Homes. The unique mixture of technology, service, and the talented individuals behind it all has allowed us to provide a very unique selling experience for our clients."

The Ember Homes process starts by requesting an offer. The process is simple and takes about 5 minutes. After Ember Homes get the information needed, such as the property's square footage, Ember will reach out within 24 hours with an offer. If the offer is accepted, a purchase agreement can be executed the same day. From there, Ember will reach out to see the property to make sure what was spoken about over the phone is accurate. Finally, the seller will meet at the closing table within 7-14 days to finalize the transaction with a certified real estate closing attorney. Once the transaction is closed, the client walks away with their funds in hand via wire or certified check based on their choice.


Ember Capital Group is one of the nation's fastest-growing real estate companies. Its mission is clear, to disrupt the real estate industry using proprietary technology, unmatched levels of service, creative solutions, and alternatives to give property owners the opportunity to have options at their disposal when it comes to making real estate related decisions such as buying and selling. "Traditionally speaking, the real estate industry has always been a lagging sector when it comes to acceptance of change and innovation. We want to focus our efforts on being able to stay ahead of the trend and see where we can bring successful tools from other industries and integrate them into our industry. We truly care about the market and believe there is room for significant innovation which will boost the accessibility as well as the simplicity in which these transactions take place." Said Shawn Surani founder and Ceo. Surani attributes Embers' rapid growth to two main things, "We don't have limiting beliefs here, no one uses the word ‘impossible' in our company and the fact that our team is so bought into our vision allows for this synonymous approach where everyone is trying to push us towards our goals."

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SOURCE: Ember Capital Group

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