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Highmark Interactive Inc. Demonstrates Increased Traction in the Canadian Market with New Sport and Neurorehabilitation Customers

Thursday, 19 May 2022 10:46

Highmark Interactive Inc.

Highmark announces several wins building momentum in expanding their brain and mental health assessment technology footprint in sport and neurorehabilitation in Canada.

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / May 19, 2022 / Highmark Interactive Inc. (TSXV:HMRK), a global leader in digital health technologies, is pleased to announce further traction in the Canadian market for its EQ and BrainFx assessment platform through their adoption by sport and neurorehabilitation clinics.

Highmark Interactive Inc.

Amateur sport represents a market of greater than three million athletes in Ontario. The University of Ottawa has renewed their contract with Highmark for their football teams and will expand to additional teams in the Fall of 2022. Okanagan Hockey Group, one of Highmark's earliest adopters, is expanding the Highmark technology suite to its new site in the United States. In addition, Highmark has received commitments from one high school in the Ottawa area and four youth football teams that are part of the Gatineau Vikings Football club in the National Capital Amateur Football Association. The level of traction snowballing from early adopters in the Ottawa area exemplifies a repeatable and scalable strategy for Highmark sports' sales.

Recognizing the benefit of delivering services with Highmark's unique technology platform, Highmark has been added to the preferred provider networks of several disability management firms over the last quarter, including Acclaim Ability Management, a national provider of disability management services, and Organizational Solutions Inc..

Acclaim Ability Management and Highmark have partnered together to provide return to work and stay at work services, physical and brain health treatment, neurofunctional assessment, and mental health prevention.

Organizational Solutions Inc. is a well-known ability management firm serving clients across Canada and Internationally. In addressing the tremendous impact of workplace absence due to illness or injury, they deliver the right care, at the right time, for the right outcome. The focus is on the employee's ability, not disability, and they use a high-touch communication strategy to help employees get back to work swiftly, safely, and sustainably. Highmark's return-

to-work and short-term disability assessment and treatment will be invaluable tools in that mission.

In addition, Highmark has continued to leverage the Highmark assessment suite to differentiate its services in the neurorehabilitation market and this year to date has received more than CAD$260,000 in new clinical services referrals that will be delivered over the course of 2022. This technology-enabled model of care demonstration facilitates not only new growth within Highmark itself but serves itself as the model for adoption by other neurorehabilitation services promoting wider adoption.

About Highmark Interactive

Highmark Interactive was created to change the paradigm of testing and management for brain and mental health. Highmark's approach is focused on providing real-time data to health providers to support proactive, preventative interventions and targeted care planning to improve health outcomes.

In addition to a growing network of virtual, in-person and hybrid clinics, Highmark Interactive offers the world's first gamified, FDA cleared patient-led assessments as well as digital clinician-led assessments of neurofunction and balance. Together, the technology is used in more than 350 health organizations globally.

By unlocking insights, Highmark's platform enables precision medicine and creates a more contemporary model for delivering better outcomes in medical, mental health and rehabilitation services.

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