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CORRECTION: Official Statement on Sensorium Corporation - Humanity 2.0 Foundation Media Releases

Tuesday, 17 May 2022 09:22

Humanity 2.0 Foundation official statement on Sensorium Corporation NFT and metaverse misunderstanding.

ROME, ITALY / ACCESSWIRE / May 17, 2022 / It has come to the Humanity 2.0 Foundation's attention that a series of articles have been published that misrepresent a recent agreement between Sensorium Corporation and the Humanity 2.0 Foundation as well as the relationship between the Humanity 2.0 Foundation and the Holy See / Vatican.

Origin of the Misunderstanding

After a lengthy investigation by our team, we have concluded that this confused news cycle began when a representative of the media team at Sensorium failed to accurately represent and clarify with a number of media outlets the nature of the relationship between Sensorium Corporation and the Humanity 2.0 Foundation and the Humanity 2.0 Foundation's relationship with the Holy See.

Resulting in erroneous assumptions from several media outlets that the Humanity 2.0 Foundation was representing the Holy See/Vatican and that it had authorization to agree to a partnership with the Holy See/Vatican to advance the use of virtual reality and NFTs in art.

The person corresponding with the outlets was not a representative of the Humanity 2.0 Foundation or the Holy See / Vatican.

The Facts

Relationship between Sensorium Corporation and the Humanity 2.0 Foundation

  1. An agreement was made between the parties to explore the possibility of:
    The development of NFT-gallery accessible in VR and desktop and featuring renowned masterpieces from the Vatican's collection.

This is the extent of the relationship. No practical applications had yet been developed nor had any concrete conversations taken place between the Humanity 2.0 Foundation and any entity at the Holy See / Vatican as of the date of the initial release. This release was made to announce the beginnings of a conversation that might eventually lead to concrete steps.

Use of "Vatican".

  1. The Humanity 2.0 Foundation in no way or at any time indicated to Sensorium or any outlet that it was authorized to represent or speak for the Holy See / Vatican.
  2. Neither did Humanity 2.0 ever indicate it had reached an agreement with the Holy See / Vatican to promote virtual reality and NFTs in relation to its art holdings.

The Humanity 2.0 Foundation

  1. The Humanity 2.0 Foundation is a secular (non-religious) organization legally established in Malta and the U.S.. It has no official nor legal association with the Holy See / Vatican.

Fr. Philip Larrey

  1. Fr. Philip Larrey is the Chairman and an Administrator of the Humanity 2.0 Foundation. He provided no formal interview to any media outlet in relation to the aforementioned releases. He has never represented himself as being able to speak for the Holy See / Vatican. He has also made no commitments to promote Sensorium Corporation in any way.

Should any of the above points require additional clarification please contact our office; Matt Bird at [email protected].

SOURCE: Humanity 2.0

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