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Eric Pulier on How Smart NFTs Will Revolutionize our Life Experiences

Thursday, May 12, 2022 4:30 PM

VENICE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / May 12, 2022 / "Smart NFTs are the cornerstone of Web3, and they're going to usher in a new era of consumer empowerment and engagement," says Eric Pulier, creator of the Smart NFT and CEO of Vatom.

NFT conversation and speculation continues to proliferate in the media and in the offices of most companies across the nation. Much like bitcoin before it, NFTs have secured their place in our tech lexicon, and now consumers are also starting to see the power of Smart NFTs show up in the mainstream. Not many would have missed the jaw-dropping sums that startups and auction houses are collecting for NFT drops, or the many new billionaires that Forbes breathlessly announces as the space heats up. Eric Pulier says that while these stories indicate widespread interest, they distract from the real revolution underway as "speculation" gives way to "engagement" and usefulness across industries and sectors.

In recent interviews and posts, Eric Pulier highlights this dynamic, reminding us that Smart NFT experiences and transactions aren't just for those who are deep into to Web3 technology or have inexhaustible financial resources. Creators and brands of all types should take note of the impact Smart NFTs are already proliferating far beyond the art and gaming industries, drastically changing how consumers interact and engage with the world in positive ways. For instance, smart contracts have been deployed that enable Smart NFT to automatically donate money to good causes with each transaction. The very nature of the NFT-secure, immutable, and publicly verifiable thanks to blockchain-ensures that the donations were received by charitable organizations. Further, the ability to get paid directly for work allows creators around the world to express themselves and earn a living, without third party intermediaries taking the fruits of their creativity or labor.

When looking at the music industry and its surrounding communities-which have always been at the forefront of cultural experiences-consumers will see truly exciting examples of how Smart NFTs can be employed. For instance, attending a music concert will provide perks beyond a great show as Smart NFTs give musicians the ability to gift direct perks to loyal fans - a concertgoer may be given access to a surprise VIP after-party in the real world or virtual spaces, hear an exclusive unreleased track before the show, gain unique NFT drops from sponsors, or benefit from a merchandise flash sale. In this way, both consumers and musicians benefit from the value and connection Smart NFTs can provide even well after a show. Artist can build and maintain direct relationships with the individuals in their fan base.

"With Smart NFTs we can further support artistic work and community," says Eric Pulier. "Musicians can now receive a percentage every time their song is used, so artists can stay connected to their original work and remain properly compensated for their creativity."

In the real estate space, the use of NFTs could help provide more transparency with both home and land ownership. It is estimated that only 30% of the global population has registered legal rights to their land and property. Considering what ownership truly means in both the physical and digital spaces, real estate is going to be at the center of the Smart NFT discourse. The process of building a dream home could be completed entirely with Smart NFTs, from securing the land and drafting architectural renderings, to designing furniture, and displaying art collections.

"It's time to think of the cultural and everyday applications of Smart NFTs as part of our reality now, and not a futuristic vision," says Eric Pulier. "Smart NFTs may have caught people's attention first in technology and gaming spaces-but it's the wider set of usage scenarios that will elevate our lives in education, health care, real estate, retail, loyalty, music, entertainment, loyalty, government, and community."

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