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Things You Need To Know About Evony: The King’s Return and Its Developer Top Games Inc.

Thursday, 12 May 2022 01:15 PM

Top Games Inc.

APIA, SAMOA / ACCESSWIRE / MAY 12, 2022 / Maybe you have already seen Evony: the King's Return from the IOS or Google Play top charts and wondered how can a strategy game achieved such great success. Based on data from Sensor Tower, Evony has more than 62m downloads and $223 million in revenue in 2021. As an epic real-time MMO(massively multiplayer online game), Evony starts its storyline from the selection of civilizations, and players can draw expertise from legendary generals to expand their kingdom. Many players may originally hear of Evony from its famous advertisement during Superbowl 2017 when superstars were featured in the ads. Seven years later, Evony is still popular among strategy game lovers. Though Evony players are familiar with the game features, they may know less about its developer Top Games Inc. Therefore, this article targets to acknowledge you with the story about Evony and Top Games Inc.

Founded in 2016, Top Games Inc started its exploration with its flagship game Evony: The King's Return. After its huge success among players from all over the globe, Top Games Inc then proudly released its next big title Plague of z, a military war game where zombies siege, and recruit survivors. Players should lead their army to survive, break through the siege, and find a safe place. It's an abandoned city, and players need to lead their army to build it to resist the attack of zombies. Sometimes zombies will attack players in their sewers. In an environment of scarce resources, players are required to train their army, upgrade their technology, and find other survivors to lead the light.

Not long after that, Top Games Inc published Mafia Origin on Google Play Store. The background story of this Mafia-theme strategy game started with a family being killed and land being invaded by Mafia, the Godfather was forced to leave Liberty City. After 10 years of hiding, recruiting heroes, and reorganizing the force, Godfather returns to Liberty City today, swearing to take back everything that was taken by Mafia even with his life hanging by a thread. This is about honor and revenge. Will Liberty City still be controlled by Mafia or evolve into a new city, or will Godfather become the head of the Mafia? The production team from Top Games Inc doesn't know yet and leaves players to decide.

Top Games Inc went through ups and downs from the first day. From product design to daily operations, Top Games Inc works hard to consider user experience from all aspects. Regardless of industry, the Developer team from Top Games Inc suggests others start from the user experience. To know the users better, and know what they want, then Top Games Inc can start their product function from their needs. Furthermore, Top Games Inc also keeps an eye on users' opinions to ensure a good user experience.

Another aspect that people may know less about is David Guo, CEO of Top Games Inc. David Guo is basically in charge of all essential Top Games departments. To achieve success in each respective role, David strongly believes every Top Games Inc employee should be empathetic and humble. David Guo is passionate about technology and online gaming. Guo started his career by creating multimedia management software. Later on, David developed firewall software to be used for cyber security applications.

David Guo is a game player himself. In 2009, he found that many game companies don't care about user experience and customer satisfaction. That's the reason David Guo joined Top Games Inc. Guo believes that Top Games focuses on providing top-tier player experiences and services. David and his team design games from the player's perspective. Noting that players not only make many friends but also live out portions of their lives in games, David Guo and his team aimed to create the best gaming experience possible and to cultivate long-lasting gaming communities that would continually enhance that experience.

Top Games Inc and its CEO David Guo will not stop their steps on exploration, they will continue developing games that users like through the team's development of professionalism and user interests, and constantly updates game functions to improve the game experience. For more game-related information, pay attention to Top Games Inc's official website or follow its main social media platforms, you can also participate in community discussions such as forums.


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