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Global eCommerce Data Platform Launches its Latest Product, DataHawk Connections

Tuesday, 10 May 2022 00:00


NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / May 11, 2022 / Today DataHawk, an eCommerce Data and Insights software company used by brands and agencies to empower their eCommerce operations on Amazon and Walmart, announced the launch of its latest product, DataHawk Connections, which allows users to collect, aggregate, and sync their Amazon and Walmart business data to Google Sheets, Business Intelligence solutions such as Power BI and Tableau, or to a Cloud Warehouse, in a fully automated way.

DataHawk's product suite comprises three products: Analytics, Connections, and Insights.

  • Analytics - a turnkey web application and reports-based product that allows brands to measure and analyze their Amazon and Walmart performance and optimization efforts with digital shelf analytics on Products, Market, Advertising, and Financial data across various intuitive dashboards.
  • Connections - an integration product that allows brands to automatically and seamlessly collect, aggregate, sync Amazon and Walmart business data at scale to Google Sheets, Business Intelligence solutions, or to a Cloud Warehouse, granting them the ability to access more pre-built dashboards outside of DataHawk's web app or to create their own custom dashboards right in their favorite visualization tools.
  • Insights - a recommendations product that helps brands unveil data-driven insights and critical signals automatically, and provides AI-powered recommendations to help them act on those and lift performance.

DataHawk Connections allows brands to save countless hours spent on inefficient data collection and reporting by allowing them to set processes on autopilot mode which automatically aggregates and updates data daily, eliminating a major pain point of manual updating. There is a growing need from brands to have more efficient tools to consolidate data from multiple sources within their internal analytics solution, along with building custom dashboards and KPIs. DataHawk Connections is able to do just that and become the platform layer that enables easier and seamless data aggregation and ownership on all things eCommerce on Amazon and Walmart

In addition to raw data feeds, DataHawk Connections for Google Sheets comes with a set of ready-to-use pre-built dashboards or templates that cover multiple needs including Search, Content, Advertising, and Finance.

"You can't improve what you can't measure, and you can't be wasting dozens of hours a week on data collection while not even doing it exhaustively. DataHawk Connections allows brands to put their eCommerce data collection on auto-pilot, saving valuable time and unlocking advanced visualization and reporting capabilities which ultimately turn data into insights, helping increase revenues and margins," said Othmane Sghir, CEO and co-founder of DataHawk.

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About DataHawk:

Established in 2017, DataHawk is an eCommerce Data and Insights Platform that helps emerging to established brands better run their eCommerce operations through better and higher visibility on their performance and insights on how to improve it.

SOURCE: DataHawk

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