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Thermic Science Reports Aggressive 2022 Growth Guidance, Thermic Tech New Product Launches, Cannabis Science Acquisition, Successful "Make That Change" Killing Cancer Challenge, 1 - Million Strong, American States University

Tuesday, 03 May 2022 08:07

Thermic Science International Corporation

NASHVILLE, TN / ACCESSWIRE / May 3, 2022 / Thermic Science International Corporation, (OTC:ENDO), a U.S. an Advanced Technology Global Consortium, focused on providing key real-time, public access Digital HUB with advanced SaaS solutions. Focused on a hybrid mix of traditional real-world transactions online with real-time inter-connectivity tools for business and personal information and transactions.

Thermic Science International Corporation, Tuesday, May 3, 2022, Press release picture

Thermic Science is pleased to report an aggressive 2022 growth report based on its new Thermic Heating products releases and the following advancements in its business model:

American States University, 1 - MILLION STRONG, Killing Cancer Challenge!

Designed to raise $20 million for killing cancers worldwide, with Harvard Award Winning Success for killing cancers, the Challenge is underway! The 1 Million Strong Challenge has now grown to a Full Media Franchise development. Including TV Shows, TV Commercials, Short Stories, Documentaries, Contests, Celebrity judging, Scholarships, Apprentices, Award Galas, and Feature Films.

Let's Bring in 1 Million People WORLDWIDE KILLING CANCER For the People by The People!

Coined in the past, relevant today. For the people by the people has become the ring tone of the Campaign *** We can do it! $20.00 each… and we have Success!

Please click Here to DONATE Now …

Harvard Award Winning, Cancer Killing Success
Stage 4 Lung Cancer, Dead

More Cancer Killing Success …
Skin Cancer, Dead
Kaposi Sarcoma, Dead
Stage 4 Breast Cancer, Dead

1 - Million Strong, WE are Killing Cancer for the People, by the People.
Video upload Contest & Celebrity Judges TV Show development is underway!
Final Winners announced and to perform on Live TV!

*** Submit Video Contest for all to enter, Winners get Live TV performances, contracts for TV Commercials, Scholarships, Endorsements, Events … and so much more.

Let's let EVERYONE use a one-time $20.00 ASU Donation to enter any Video Submission Contest! Let's pick the Best Categories so EVERYONE can enter! Sing, Dance, Comedy, Sports, Animals, Personal Achievements … Let's track everything online for Round 1, 2, and Round (3) Three we go Live Nationwide TV Show coverage.

Round 1, Submissions & Choosing the Judges, Celebrities, and Surprises!

EVERYONE can submit a minimum one-time $20.00 ASU Donation to enter a VIDEO or not.
Either way, your money is going towards Killing MORE Cancers, for the People!

Please click Here to DONATE Now …

After you Successfully made your $20.00 ASU donation, you submit your personal 1 Million STRONG Video Challenge, Track Contest Updates, Track our University Partner Companies, & Cancer Killing Progress here:

Connect, Learn, and Share!

Round 2, Celebrity Judging, Category Winners, TV Commercial Round!

In round (2) our Contestants will make a Brand-New Video promoting one of our American States University associated Brands: The LNC, ASU Schools, Cannabis Science, Thermic Science, … all listed on the website and will be specific at Round 2 commencement.

Winners will have their TV Commercial aired and used in each category giving instant notoriety to the creators/Winners of each category.

Round 3, Final Round, Nationwide TV Show, Celebrity Judges, all Categories Live TV!

Final Winners announced, awards, prizes, TV shows, commercials, events, music videos, game shows, movie parts, over $250,000.00 in Prizes and Awards. Live celebrity performances, live Winners performances, Awards presentations, Personal Achievement Awards presentations, Killing Cancer Awards presentations. 1 Million Strong … Killing Cancer Success

Thermic Science has completed the 2nd wave of this Digital submersion and Launch the International "Make that Change" Challenge through the University. There are plenty of events, prizes, and Surprises in store!

This Digital HUB powered International high-tech framework is being designed to cooperate and collaborate with other companies, individuals, governments, peers, and stakeholders worldwide. This takes the Digital Divide and provides equal access and mass Educational and Business opportunities to everyone worldwide through its American States University Digital HUB. The Digital HUB project includes instant real world SaaS connectivity and traditional transaction solutions for everyday retail and wholesale storefront or online only, featuring some Key Brands all connected through several Digital Divides and access HUB points centered in the University for the People.

The objective of our Global Consortium is to harness the collective expertise of our global partners to investigate the advanced hybrid use of education, inspiration, advanced technology, drug development, agriculture, manufacturing, construction, and retail services while in parallel create a stable economic development plan for both developing & underdeveloped regions around the world.

Success is our experience; several shareholders are on a mission to expedite the Cannabis Science acquisition and subsequent share distribution and/or exchange. The acquisition closing and share distribution has gone through several morphing phases as conditions change in the real world.

There were 10 U.S. Universities conducting hemp research in 2015, and there were 30 U.S. universities that studied hemp in 2016 under Section 7606 of the 2014 Federal Farm Bill.

Therefore, our Shareholders are in for a Great surprise or "wake up" call once all the Cannabis Science Cannabinoid Drug Targets are officially valuated in combination with all the other projects within the filed California State and Federal Lawsuits to retrieve its stolen property.

Free Spirit Organics Native American Corporation (FSO NAC) CBIS, NAU, ASU, RCDU, has Successfully developed and implemented a sustainable economic development plan in the San Joaquin County where the aim is to create a self-sustaining community of academics in science, agriculture and pharmaceutics that will subsequently boost future development, medical advancement, and legal process for the company. Part of the development plan includes planting and harvesting 250-acres of industrial hemp and establishing the American State University (ASU) to provide students with a unique hybrid of online, in class, and field education for 37 state approved certification and degree programs in Agriculture, Business, Law, and Pharmaceutics.

1. Dysplastic Nevus Syndrome Killed by application of cannabis extract.
2. Basal Cell Carcinoma Killed by application of topical cannabis extracts.
3. Squamous Cell Tumor Killed by application of topical cannabis extracts.
4. Adenocarcinoma carcinomas (Stage 4 - Breast Cancer) Killed by application of topical cannabis extracts.

*** And of course, our Harvard Award winning research and development Killing Cancer. The verified backbone to ALL our Successful research and Real Value for all our drug development targets.

1. Cannabis Science Full Reports
2. ASU CBIS FSO NAC Holt Property

Proper funding packages for acquisitions of this size are in the millions. Perhaps $10-25 million at this point judging conservatively, this is only based on all the Successful research killing different types of cancers using cannabinoids, that is backed up by specific verified targeted cancer killing work at Harvard that is reported Frontier in Oncology, all this is second to none.

The biggest question is how long before our CBIS shares become trading again, if we had to raise the $25 million first it would be that long. Fortunately we don't need too, and we still get the same Value because we made the Value. We are the ones who went to Harvard and Washington, DC, to Build that value, killing cancers everywhere and speaking about our Successful CSi-EDP drug development and University programs for education and job creation. These simple economic pillars that so many communities are missing. We are the one who went to Africa to put the plan to work and prove it works in the worst conditions.

So, time becomes relevant to the means, so we need more means. The means are relevant to the ends, the ends are our GOALS. So, let's get there, right now. ENDO is hovering around $0.01, and my educated guess is we are at least 10x undervalued market cap, at 1 billion shares that out puts us at $10 million valuation based on market cap today, extremely undervalued, in my opinion. Once we have completed the audit with the proper market asset valuations completed, we should see at least 10x Cannabis Science valuation from where it is today.

For "Direct Company" Investments please contact:

Thermic Science International
Cannabis Science Inc.
Robert Kane, CFO
[email protected]

All Previous trading CBIS shares are Company & SEC confirmed, protected, & reported.

Speak to Robert Kane, CFO regarding: Investment Paperwork, Financials, & Reporting.

We continue to Grow our VIP Close Investors list, we are accomplished.

Contact Robert!

1. Cannabis Science acquisition and share exchange.
2. Thermic Science Product Launches
3. American States University "Make that Change" Campaign
4. Cannabis Science Crypto Interchange
5. Hemp Tasty Restaurant Opening
6. University Expansions
7. All CBIS Cannabinoid targets FDA, State by State, and Over the Counter.

Operations UPDATE:

1. ASU website updates 86% Done (Today)
2. Initial EDU Crypto sales model 85% Done (Today)
3. ASU Thermic Revenue Partner Projects first ones Ready 91% Done
4. ASU CSi Medical Research Partner Projects first ones Ready 100% Done
5. ASU Legal Partner Projects first ones Ready 100% Done
6. ASU Technology Partner Projects first ones Ready 100% Done
7. ASU TV Media Partner Projects first ones Ready 100% Done
8. ASU Political Partner Projects first ones Ready 100% Done

Including our CSi-EDP partnership with American States University where our number one focus job creation through education:


This is a massive, growing, and untapped industry that will directly benefit its participants through job creation and revenue streams.


Hospitals, Health Centers, and Educational Facilities.


Sound agricultural practices producing sufficient foo.


Development in the sectors of drug development/treatment, agriculture, communications, investments, political environments, and over 30 other common industries.


Satellite, internet, mechanical device development, cellphone, TV/Media.


Policy, regulatory, and jurisdictional contexts.


Online, in class, and in-field training gives our students the flexibility and hands-on education to learn their trade.


Students graduate with a company or the skills to create jobs in the community, not just look for jobs.


Our unique hybrid education model allows for courses at a low-priced rate. Scholarships and subsidized packages are available to qualifying students.


Affordable and entrepreneurial education means we can help struggling communities build themselves up in virtually any industry of focus.

Thermic Science International Corporation (ENDO)
Robert Kane, CFO
[email protected]

Thermic Science International Corporation (ENDO)
Raymond C. Dabney
President & CEO
[email protected]

SOURCE: Thermic Science International Corporation

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