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Entrepreneur Logan Leckie Disrupts Financial Independence Movement with 'Topia' App

Tuesday, 26 April 2022 02:30 PM

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / April 26, 2022 / The Financial Independence - Retire Early (‘FIRE') social movement has been building for years, however, the COVID-19 pandemic has acted as a catalyst.

FIRE, or at least Financial Independence (‘FI'), which emerged in the USA but has had growing traction in the UK also, seemed to be a pipe-dream for many. However, as pension plans become less reliable, flexible working models become more widespread and demanded, and career stability reduces due to COVID-19 and the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (‘AI'), a growing proportion of the workforce is looking outside the box and exploring FI seriously.

Logan's you-'Topia'?

Topia App, Tuesday, April 26, 2022, Press release picture

Entrepreneur millennial with a Business Degree, Logan Leckie, started his FI journey in 2018 coming from a City-based Financial background. Very quickly, Logan developed a burning passion for what the FIRE movement stood for and the life-changing effects achieving FI could have on someone. The idea is that if you save strategically and spend sparingly, you will achieve FI. Those who reach FI unlock the power to choose how to spend their time.

For some people in the FIRE community, that means retiring early. For others, it means reducing their workload and following an unpaid passion. Alternatively, some may use the freed-up time as an opportunity to start a business. Whatever route is taken, the object of reaching FI is to have the time and money to take it.

With a joint interest in the Fintech sector as well as his newly developed FIRE-frenzy, and with an entrepreneurial eye for a gap in the market, Logan developed the Topia App so that everyone can achieve FI for themselves. Whilst some would say this is utopian, it really works!

Top App functionality for Topia

Topia App, Tuesday, April 26, 2022, Press release picture

US FIRE expert and mentor Grant Sabatier who literally wrote the book on FIRE joined Logan as co-founder of Topia to help develop and bring to market the FI App for the younger generations. Logan describes in a webcast interview with Grant that Topia is :

"An all in one FI solution …a mobile application to make it easier and faster for everyone to achieve FI".

Having identified a series of ‘pain points' for the uninitiated in getting into FI, including limited tools to facilitate the identification of an individual's goals and potential, Logan focussed on developing a consumer-centric, easily consumable, intuitive tech solution to help millions engage with FIRE and FI. In other words, Logan is looking to democratise FI.

The fundamental features of the app are:

  • Everything is in one place - so calculating your FI journey is simple and at your fingertips;
  • Topia is personalised to you - connecting all your accounts and crafting your personal FI road map and monitoring your savings rate;
  • Reaching FI faster - identify what might be slowing you down and see tips to reach your goals faster;
  • Community - get inspired by comments, articles and questions from others within the Topia Community.

New users may be assured by Topia's FCA registration, its 256-bit encryption to secure your information, and Topia's pledge never to sell any of your data, ever!

Feedback from Topia users, the App is now available on the App Store in the UK and going on to subsequently launch in the USA, confirms Logan's vision. It provides a tailored road map for users to achieve FI, bringing utopia to reality. Topia's success is built on the positive feedback from the FI community, indicating a very responsive leadership that will continue to add value and will evolve as the community's needs develop and change. In the same interview quoted above, Logan promises new features to be integrated into the app throughout an exciting 2022, including a tailored Topia FIRE investment fund.

Will the FIRE take hold?

Growth on the back of launches in both the UK and the USA appears to be guaranteed by Topia's utility, inclusivity and planned journey to market. With the promise of further features being embedded over the course of 2022, only time will tell how high Topia will fly. It's a cliche that life is too short to not spend it doing what you love (and if fridge magnets are to be believed - drink bad wine). Topia is confident that it has the capacity to unlock financial freedom for all through FIRE-powered Tech.

Media Contact:

Logan Leckie: [email protected]

SOURCE: Topia App

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