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What Does It Take to Get People Off the Streets? Ian King on Working in Homeless Shelters

Friday, 22 April 2022 13:38

Kings Consultants

Ian King Talks Homeless Shelters: What He's Doing to Help People Get Off the Streets

STUDIO CITY, CA / ACCESSWIRE / April 22, 2022 / Ian King is a veteran and lawyer who has parlayed his experience into successful consulting work. Given his background, it's unsurprising that he specializes in crisis management and solutions. As much as he loves his professional work, though, he's just as committed to giving back to his community. In addition to getting involved with youth services and clothing drives, he's also volunteered at homeless shelters across Los Angeles. Ian King Los Angeles delves into what it takes to get people off the streets.

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A City of Broken Dreams

While statistics vary depending on the source, there are around 62,000 unhoused people in Los Angeles. This is despite the fact the city has spent billions of dollars to try to combat the rising number of encampments in nearly every city - including those in the wealthiest suburbs. Unless you live here, it would be difficult to really capture what's happening, but Ian King says it's this complexity of the issue that often stops any progress from being made. Even those who do live here fail to understand the extent of what's happening right outside their front door.

Working with the Unhoused

It would be easy to say that more affordable housing would be the solution, but King has seen that there's more to it than that. Some people get used to being on the streets, particularly because they find freedom and a sense of belonging there. There are also plenty of advocates for the unhoused who defend people's wish to live where they want to live. Ian King Los Angeles explains that working with everybody takes more than signing them up for services or expecting them to agree with every given solution.

If you really want to turn people's lives around, it means forming a connection that goes beyond that of a volunteer and their charge. It's why he's grown accustomed to tailoring his approach to the individual, much like he does in his regular consulting work. The difference is that many of the people in the shelter have been going through a crisis for years on end, as opposed to professionals who have hit an unexpected snag.

Protecting the Vulnerable

Homeless encampments can grow quickly in the LA area, taking up whole streets, boardwalks, and sidewalks when allowed. Unfortunately, these encampments can lead to territorial fights, accidental or intentional fires, and unexpected violent outbursts to passersby and neighbors alike. Protecting the vulnerable to Ian King means understanding how important it is to keep everyone safe, and this can only be done when people are off the streets.

Leaving people exposed to the elements, particularly when sections of LA can reach 115° F or more, is inhumane at best and deadly at worst. He stresses the fact that while having more housing available will solve some of the problems, it will take more than a roof to help the unhoused lead better lives. Ian King Los Angeles would like to see more comprehensive strategies applied to the situation to get real, lasting results for a city in crisis.


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SOURCE: Ian Mitchell King

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