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Horizon Fintex and Yonder Media Mobile Launch Mobile NFT Trading Platform for UGC-Minted NFTs

Tuesday, 12 April 2022 09:05

Now everyone can make hay when their assets shine

ZUG, SWITZERLAND / ACCESSWIRE / April 12, 2022 / Horizon Fintex ("Horizon"), a blockchain technology company that licenses and operates digital securities and NFT exchanges, and Yonder Media Mobile Inc., ("YMM"), a provider of integrated mobile telecommunications and entertainment services, today announced the launch of YMM's YO Mobile NFT marketplace using Horizon's blockchain technology. YO Mobile is now available for download on iOS and Android.

YO Mobile is a fast-growing mobile experience that "enables new types of human organization and behavior" by combining connectivity, content, community, and commerce in a single mobile platform for the first time.

Investors in YMM include Guomin Xie, Founder and Former Co-President of Tencent Music; Cliff Burnstein, legendary manager of Metallica, Muse, and 20 other leading and breaking music artists; and Bill Anderson, Executive Chairman and CEO of Anderson Holdings Ltd., a diversified private holding company with interests in beverage distribution, auto dealerships, insurance, and real estate.

YO Mobile launched in Mexico in mid-2021, and it already has >1M registered "fans", >100K YO Mobile (SIM) subscribers, and >330K TikTok followers hooked on a world class, highly differentiated product that >80% of people pay for in part with YOYO$ - an ERC-20 cryptographic token minted and earned on YO's blockchain. "Hooked" = average subscriber engagement >200 minutes a day!

Starting in April 2022, and accelerating through September 2022, YMM will launch the blockchain interconnected, tokenized, game-enhanced YOverse on their Ethereum layer-2 optimistic-rollup blockchain. YMM CEO Adam Kidron said, "the full(ish) extent of our vision, ambition, madness will be revealed, as the YOverse is a mobile internet-native place of infinite realties in which NFTs become objects of desire, democracy, and evidence you participated in great events. A magical place where the more you play, the less you pay, and the more you and our community benefits."

Horizon Fintex CEO Brian Collins said, "YO's vision for a truly decentralized mobile experience coupled with a telecom operator's Internet-service layer is a real enabler. Mexican creator-communities can earn, spend, or stake their crypto-rewards and NFT-income, and can even buy mobile top-ups with their YOYO$ coins. The YOverse gives creators space to showcase, and profit from, their digital collectibles using mobile NFT technology to engage with fans."

Core features of the YOverse include:

  • Zero crypto-gas fees for YOverse users for NFT minting, YOYO$ rewards collection, and NFT/YOYO$ in-app trading.
  • NFTs (ERC-721) minted in games, tracks, video, stored in-app in YO profile wallet, exportable to OpenSea and other ERC-721/-1155 compatible NFT marketplaces.
  • In-app mobile Ethereum crypto-wallet, for a seamless layer-2 and Ethereum layer-1 non-custodial web3 experience.
  • Web3 in-app single sign-on (SSO) enables frictionless travel, proof of attendance (PoAP), and decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) participation.
  • In-app user generated content (UGC) to NFT creation, and auction for YOYO$ in the YOverse.
  • In-app Ethereum ERC-20 token (YOYO$) rewards issuance, and NFT purchases.
  • A YOYO$ web3 decentralized finance (DeFi) exchange with attractive stake & earn annualized percentage yields (APY).
  • Secure YOYO$ (ERC-20) and YOverse NFT (ERC-721) layer-1 <> layer-2 gateway.
  • GameHub and BuildABubble SDKs encourage everyone to build experiences in the YOverse (Bubbles, being our experience folders or mini-apps or planets).
  • YO Mobile, the transporter to this new better and hopefully more democratized world.

About Yonder Media Mobile
Yonder Media Mobile, Inc., is a Delaware, (US) corporation founded in 2018, with a team of 70+ brilliant creators, developers, builders, producers, product support, and managers, located in the USA, Mexico, and Europe. Learn more at

The YMM team has developed YO Mobile, super-duper app with a Telco ("Mobile Virtual Experience Platform") + entertainment soul combining Connectivity, Content, Community, and blockchain enabled eCommerce in a single mobile platform for the very first time.

Next step is the YOverse&hellip; be there!

About Horizon Fintex
Horizon Fintex is a fintech company that builds and powers global securities and NFT exchanges with an integrated suite of Ethereum blockchain software for compliant issuance, management, and secondary trading of securities. Their in-house solutions combine Wall Street and Silicon Valley to power the next generation of securities offerings and trading in the U.S. and globally. Learn more at and

Press Contacts
Vanessa Malone; [email protected]

Helgi Pakholok; [email protected]

SOURCE: Horizon Globex GmbH

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