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Brazilian Butt Lift Expert Dr. Carlos Chacon Offers Insight into What to Expect from the Procedure

Tuesday, 05 April 2022 05:05 PM

Divino Plastic Surgery

BONITA, CA / ACCESSWIRE / April 5, 2022 / Dr. Carlos Chacon has spent well over a decade helping individuals of all ages and walks of life achieve the perfect look. He is an expert in the Brazilian Butt Lift, a cutting-edge, versatile procedure that not only shapes the buttocks but also increases the harmony of the butt-to-waist ratio. He offers insight into how it works for those considering the procedure, so potential patients know what to expect before and after the surgery.

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First, Dr. Chacon puts a premium on getting to know the patient. "With every patient, I want to know their understanding, motivations, and specific goals for their procedure, as it relates to their everyday life and long-term plans," Dr. Chacon says. Taking time to get to know a patient helps him understand the look they want to achieve and determine if the Brazilian Butt Lift is their best treatment option. Cosmetic surgery isn't a medical "product" that one can simply purchase and walk away; it's a life-altering treatment option and Dr. Carlos Chacon, like many in his field, takes his responsibility seriously. If a patient has a health condition, isn't emotionally ready for the surgery, or would do best with other forms of care or treatment, Dr. Chacon offers the needed advice and recommendations.

Once a patient is deemed a candidate for the Brazilian Butt Lift, Dr. Carlos Chacon plans the surgery carefully to ensure the outcome meets or even exceeds patient expectations, and the multiple positive reviews on his practice's website makes it clear that he has a stellar track record for performing successful Brazilian Butt Lifts in patients of all ages and walks of life. Even so, he cautions that there is more to the procedure than simply scheduling an appointment and getting the procedure. Patients should be aware that it can take several weeks to recover from the procedure. During this time, Dr. Carlos Chacon notes a patient will need to wear a specialized compression garment and avoid putting direct pressure on the buttocks and engaging in aerobic exercise. Light walks are highly recommended to prevent blood clots in the legs, and patients should take some time off work in order to focus on recovery.

Once a person fully recovers, he or she will enjoy the great results of a Brazilian Butt Lift for life. While gaining or losing weight will impact the buttocks' volume, the weight loss or gain will be in proportion to weight loss/gain in other parts of the body, leaving one with a contoured butt they can be proud of for years to come. Given this fact, it's not surprising that the Brazilian Butt Lift is about far more than just body contouring; rather, when done properly, it's a great way to build self-confidence. What's more, it's not out of reach even for those who have limited finances because Dr. Carlos Chacon offers a financing program to allow patients to pay for the surgery over a time period. His expertise, coupled with his high standard of ethics and professionalism, have made him the plastic surgeon of choice for thousands of patients in the San Diego area, nationally, and internationally.

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