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Ian Mitchell King Celebrates Another Year with the Surf Foundation

Tuesday, 05 April 2022 14:12

Kings Consultants

STUDIO CITY, CA / ACCESSWIRE / April 5, 2022 / Many things remind us not to judge a book by its cover. Ian Mitchell King is another example of that for those who don't know the man. On the exterior, one might quickly discover that Ian Mitchell King has had a highly successful military career. He joined the US Marine Corps only to end up as a Navy officer.

That image isn't an inaccurate one, but it also doesn't reveal the softer side of Ian Mitchell King either. Many recognize Ian Mitchell King as a man of success in the realms of business, perhaps some are even familiar with his crisis management firm, King's Consultants, LLC. This image, although not inaccurate, also doesn't capture the gentle heart of this successful businessman.

Then, one simply looks to Ian Mitchell King's involvement with outreach organizations like surf foundations aimed at helping underserved youth. Ian Mitchell King says this is only one of a few of the areas involving supporting youth that can be tied to him. That list of programs and organizations includes PALS, among others.

Continuing a History of Surfing Youth Success

Surf therapy has become a popular and proven type of therapeutic treatment, and these programs are now being afforded to more at-risk youth. With programs like UrbanSurf4Kids and the MeWater outreach services, the homeless youth and underserved youth in California are getting help.

It is programs like these that have also led Ian Mitchell King to get involved. As an individual committed to fitness, this was a win-win idea as youth could find not only support, direction, and help, but fitness too. While this is only a small peek into the depth and kindness exhibited by Ian Mitchel King's philanthropic endeavors, it is also one of the closest charities to his heart.

To look at the man, many might see success or the Stoic demeanor of ex-military, but those that know the whole story also know the generous and caring side of Ian Mitchell King. As he stands today leading his own crisis management firm, his smile may not necessarily be because of another good day at the office.

Another Year and Another Wave

This year will mark yet another year that Ian Mitchell King has been contributing to the power of the Surf Foundation in the lives of children everywhere. Yes, Ian Mitchell King is a man of many successes and accomplishments, but the ones he celebrates most deeply are those that have contributed to helping our youth.

Along with another year supporting organizations that serve the homeless and underserved, Ian Mitchell King looks forward to catching another wave of success. The challenge of helping at-risk youth in California remains and looms large, but Ian Mitchell King and others appear prepared and up to the challenge - with boards in hand.


Caroline Hunter
Web Presence LLC

SOURCE: Kings Consultants

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