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Calvin Hirsch Reflects On His Successful Career in Geriatrics

Tuesday, 05 April 2022 10:15 AM

Hirsch Calvin H MD

SACRAMENTO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / April 5, 2022 / Calvin Hirsch has approached his career with staunch enthusiasm and intensity that have helped him rise to the front of his field. For many years, he was the only geriatric education specialist in his department, and even after retirement, he remains one of the most vital voices in this field. His career is an inspiration to anyone thinking of joining the senior care field, which is often challenging for many.

Calvin Hirsch Remains a Leading Light in Geriatric Care Education

When Calvin Hirsch graduated from Yale University in 1976 before attending the University of Connecticut, he had no idea how big he would impact geriatric medicine in the nation. Then, as the internet at Mt. Zion Hospital and Medical Center between 1980-83, he discovered himself working with poor seniors who lived at home and struggled to get proper healthcare.

This moment provided him with the kind of epiphany he hadn't anticipated. He abandoned an excellent fellowship in infectious diseases to focus on senior healthcare policy. It was clear to him that the health system was failing its older adults, and he saw himself in those shoes later in life. His natural empathy and compassion pushed him into a field in which he truly excelled as a professional.

After his two-year fellowship at Robert Wood Johnson at Stanford, he researched geriatric care and found a position at Palo Alto VA for two years as a medical director in long-term care. His experience and well-known compassion helped Calvin Hirsch progress to the Division of General Medicine at UC Davis Health. He went from assistant to full professor and taught for over 30 years.

As a professional, he helped teach many students about proper geriatric care. For example, he highlighted common mistakes that treatment specialists made, discussed minimizing these risks, and focused his program on empathy and understanding. He emphasized, over and over, that experiencing seniors was critical to helping them get the care that they needed.

Throughout his 31.5-year academic career, he has been voted a Top Doctor in Sacramento for four straight years, from 2018 to 2021. Few individuals in his position have earned such accolades, especially so late in their careers. Hirsh also helped fund the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute NIH, a critical division that has helped many older adults get the health they need to stay strong.

After retirement, Calvin Hirsh was paid the ultimate honors by returning as a clinical supervisor and research specialist. Though his work demands are lower, he attacks them with the same enthusiasm and zeal he did as a young man. His dedication to improving senior care has only strengthened over the years and has remained his primary career passion and drive.

Perhaps the biggest honors he's ever earned was raising two daughters, Dona and Emily. Both have become very respected in their fields, with Emily becoming a trusted speech pathologist in Southern California. Watching his two daughters approach their careers with the compassion and empathy he has taught for so long brings him more joy than he would have imagined and has capped off his career with even more success.

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Hirsch Calvin H MD

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