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How Huupe's Innovative Smart Basketball Hoop uses Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics to Revolutionize How Basketball Enthusiasts Play the Game

Thursday, March 31, 2022 3:35 AM

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / March 31, 2022 / As the National Basketball Association (NBA) increases its domestic and international reach, the league and the game of basketball, in general, are maturing. Specifically, there is a growing analytics revolution happening across the NBA, college basketball, & international basketball. This revolution is not just contained to the top professional leagues as semi-pro, amateur, & youth basketball coaches are utilizing analytics as well. Over the last decade, general managers and coaches have increasingly relied on new hyper-specific statistics and advanced analytics to make smarter decisions on and off the court.

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As basketball professionals become more intelligent and new technology enables coaches to capture hyper-specific statistics that were previously impossible to log, players can improve their game by training smarter not harder. Player Efficiency Rating (PER), True Shooting Percentage (TS%), Usage Percentage (USG%), Offensive & Defensive Win Shares (OWS & DSW), and Offensive & Defensive Box Score Plus/Minus (OBPM & DBPM) are just a few of the new statistical categories changing how we understand the sport. By making use of these new statistics and inventive analytics programs, coaches can help players maximize the outcomes of their training hours and reach their true potential.

Huupe is the newest piece of basketball technology driving the analytics revolution in the sport forward. With a smart screen replacing the traditional backboard, advanced (and fun) training mechanisms, as well as a sleek yet weatherproof design, Huupe is the world's first smart basketball hoop, offering training videos, contests, and video highlights directly from the smart hoop's backboard, Huupe is presenting basketball enthusiasts with a powerful new basketball experience. Further, by utilizing machine learning and computer vision, Huupe's smart basketball hoop offers can track players' statistics while playing and can analyze the data captured.

Co-founders and lifelong friends Paul Anton and Lyth Saeed spent one year prototyping and three years perfecting Huupe's hardware and software with their CTO Dan Hayes, in order to make sure that the smart hoop is a truly revolutionary invention in IoT and smart consumer product technology.

After building and breaking more basketball hoops and smart screens than one can count, the Huupe team has created a game-changing smart basketball hoop that utilizes computer vision and machine learning to capture and analyze important statistics needed to help a player's performance. While the Huupe team is extremely proud of the powerful technology behind the smart hoop, they are also proud of their product's friendly & exciting gamified UX, the contests & leaderboards, as well as other various internet-enabled features. Of course, as many people install basketball hoops outside, the Huupe is extremely durable and weatherproof without comprising the aesthetic appeal.

Whether Huupe owners are shooting around, playing games with friends, competing in challenges, or practicing with one of the hundreds of NBA-level training videos, Huupe's smart basketball hoop stores all of the performance statistics. This allows players to track performance data with ease and intelligently analyze this data with the touch of a finer. Huupe's innovative computer vision captures traditional statistics as well as advanced statistics such as swishes, makes, misses, trajectory, shot position, vertical jump, wingspan, and much more.

With their innovative smart hoop, Anton and Saeed are the perfect individuals to help push the analytics revolution within the NBA and for the entire sport of basketball forward. Anton and Saeed are legitimate lifelong fans of the sport with basketball in their blood. Having bonded throughout their childhood over basketball, Anton and Saeed are actually passionate about the game; they are not simply looking to attach themselves to an innovative piece of technology nor are they simply looking for their next entrepreneurial endeavor. The two co-founders are on a mission to help players improve their skills, increase opportunities for people to access world-class training, and help basketball enthusiasts connect with like-minded individuals.

Further, Anton and Saeed are uniquely equipped to achieve these goals. Anton's previous venture, Real Shot, used AR/VR technology, machine learning, and computer vision to create an innovative basketball experience, earning a spot in Deutsche Telekom's hub:raum accelerator; Saeed has an impressive track record helping marketplace and AI technology startups operate and grow their business.

We are excited to see how these passionate and talented co-founders continue to capture the hearts and minds of basketball players and fans around the world with their game-changing smart hoop.

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