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Bains Travel Ltd: Canada's Leading Independent Travel Agency

Friday, 25 March 2022 04:55 PM

VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / March 25, 2022 / Zig Ziglar once said, "You don't build a business, you build people, then people build the business."

Time and time again, this has been shown to be true. The businesses that people love to associate with, the businesses that last, are almost always the businesses that revolve around helping others. When a company takes a special interest in serving clients rather than creating income, success and growth become inevitable.

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Undoubtedly, this is one of the reasons that Bains Travel Ltd. has not only lasted more than 70 years, it has expanded and flourished beyond all of its creator's expectations, and shows no sign of slowing down.

Based out of Victoria, BC, Bains Travel was established in 1951 with the sole purpose of helping people see their families. Its founder was Kuldip Singh Bains, a man from India who spent much of his time helping other people who wanted to immigrate to Canada from the Indian sub-continent. Once they arrived in Canada and got settled, they inevitably wanted to make a trip back home to visit their loved ones. As one would expect, though, many of these people hadn't yet learned English, and experienced extreme difficulty in finding their way through a new culture of travel and commerce in a language that didn't even slightly resemble their own. Kuldip, a respected pillar of his community, would again find himself helping people who may not have been able to make it back home without him. From these original interactions, an idea for a business was born. Although Kuldip Singh Bains did not have any formal education, what he did have was an incredible work ethic. He poured himself into creating a travel agency that existed simply to reconnect loved ones with each other, and he quickly became the founder of one of the first Indian immigrant retail companies in Canada.

Bains Travel experienced swift growth, and it didn't take long before it became widely known and highly regarded. Kuldip continued to run his business until 1998, when he decided he was ready for a change of lifestyle and turned the company over to his nephew. Together, Paul and Dolly Bains continued the legacy of the business, keeping true to the original values of integrity and honesty that the business was built upon. Gradually, their son, Sumeet, stepped up and took over most of the day to day management of Bains Travel, though Paul is still one of the top bookers in the company today. The family atmosphere and core values are also, no doubt, one of the reasons that Bains Travel's agents have all been employed with them for a minimum of ten years, and the company itself experiences virtually no employee turnover.

As with all startups, there had been no assurances that Kuldip's business would be a success. But not only was it successful, its popularity turned it into an award winning travel agency that has become a leader in the industry, and now offers every type of travel service there is.

With multiple Top Agent awards under their belt, and several agency-related awards earned, Bains Travel is an IATA appointed travel agency with both BPCPA and TICO certifications. What started as a way to help families find flights from Canada to India has turned into one of Canada's most well-regarded, independent travel agencies. Whether someone is looking for worldwide flights, all-inclusive packages, tours, cruises, destination weddings or honeymoons, group travel, business travel, or nearly any other type of travel service imaginable, Bains works with top industry suppliers to ensure that every client receives the best deal possible. With over seven decades in business, Bains Travel comes with an amount of experience that is nearly unmatched in their industry, making them capable of meeting any situation with a special amount of competence and confidence.

Despite this expansion, the company's approach to business hasn't changed. They may have broadened their focus from India flights to include vacation packages and cruises anywhere in the world, but they have never moved away from focusing on client needs. Nothing highlighted this more than the last couple of years, when travel quickly became nearly nonexistent, and many who were already abroad found themselves stuck or stranded in other countries. Rather than selling tickets and creating income for their company, Bains Travel was slogging through mountains of travel issues that seemed to have no end in sight. They refused to let this dampen their spirits, though. They worked tirelessly to meet their customer's needs, and did whatever was necessary to get them where they needed to be. These professionals provided a special level of service that has created even more long-term client relationships, and has truly demonstrated the core values of the company.

Nothing compliments a bright history like a brilliant future. With the relationships built and the knowledge and experience gained over a lifetime of providing exemplary customer care, Bains Travel Ltd. constantly exceeds client expectations, and plans to continue to be a help to all those who need the assistance of a full-service travel agency.

About Bains Travel LTD:
Bains Travel is an independently owned and operated Travel Agency with our head office located in Vancouver BC, and branch offices in Surrey BC, Abbotsford BC, and Mississauga ON.

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SOURCE: Bains Travel

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