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Anthony Kolich Launches Blog

Wednesday, March 23, 2022 3:00 AM
Empire Residential

The veteran real estate developer and co-founder of Empire Residential debuts a new online journal from which he will communicate his thoughts and ideas to the world.

STAMFORD, CT / ACCESSWIRE / March 23, 2022 / It is with much pleasure that Anthony Kolich, noted real estate developer and co-founder of Empire Residential, announces that he has launched a new blog, as well as written its inaugural entry. The web-based journal is hosted by a well-known online platform and primarily deals with matters relating to entrepreneurism and the achievement of work-life balance, both subjects with which he is well-acquainted.

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In the premiere blog entry, which is titled Anthony Kolich Shares the Importance of Work-Life Balance for Entrepreneurs, Anthony takes an in-depth look at the perennial problem of juggling the requirements of family life with the demands of maintaining a small business. In one section, he asserts the importance of learning to delegate tasks concerning business. "Entrepreneurs need a team to be productive. When all of the responsibility for a company falls on one person, it is understandable that they would become burned out. Hire a team of professionals to help you with your company, and make sure that you assign them appropriate tasks. Do not keep all of the high-priority tasks for yourself, believing that you are the only one who can complete them correctly. Learn to trust in your team's abilities," he writes, before adding an additional thought. "If you are a sole proprietor, hire services like accountants, lawyers, and occasional administrative help to take some of the pressure off."

Anthony Kolich then proceeds to take an in-depth look at the personal side of work-life balance, advocating that entrepreneurs carve out quality time to spend with loved ones and enjoy hobbies or pursuits that have nothing to do with their work. "Whether you like to paint, fish, do woodworking, or read, engaging in your favorite activities is the perfect way to relax," he advises, counseling further that it "is also beneficial to take part in creative work because it refreshes part of your mind that you may not use in the daily grind of the business world. In addition to balancing your schedule and activities, you need to take good care of yourself from a mental and physical point of view."

Anyone interested in reading the entirety of this blog entry is encouraged to keep watch for its publication in the coming days, while anyone curious to learn more about Anthony Kolich or Empire Residential is encouraged to visit the company's official website.

About Anthony Kolich:

Born and raised in Stamford, Connecticut, Anthony Kolich was immersed in inner-workings of the real estate industry from a young age. His family operated a real estate development company, and because of this, Anthony learned the terminology, strategy, and most effective approaches to the business. While still in high school, he took on the role of helping his grandfather with apartment care and the essentials of real estate maintenance. These experiences gave Anthony the foundation of knowledge that he would later use throughout his career.

As he entered adulthood and started to make his own way in the world, Anthony Kolich founded Kolich Holdings, a property management firm based in his hometown of Stanford. His hard work, foresight, and knowledge of the real estate sector led the company to rapid growth. In time, he expanded the firm's portfolio to include commercial real estate, as well as its residential holdings. Kolich Holdings still exists, continuing to thrive and managing more than a thousand apartment units.

In the years since the creation of his first company, Anthony Kolich teamed up with a partner to found a second; Empire Residential. This residential and commercial real estate development company has expanded significantly in the short time it has existed, and harbors ambitious plans for the future.

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