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Qene Games to Launch Third Mobile Game, Feta, Adding to its Award-Winning Lineup of Mobile Games

Tuesday, 15 March 2022 07:00 PM

Qene Games is excited to announce it will be adding a third mobile game to its award-winning lineup; Ethiopia's first game development studio, Qene Games, won the 2018 Apps Africa Award for Best Media and Entertainment App.

ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA / ACCESSWIRE / March 15, 2022 / Qene Games, Ethiopia's first game development studio, is excited to announce the launch of its third mobile game -- Feta.

Feta, a puzzle slider game, will add to Qene Games' ever-expanding portfolio. The studio is the creator of award-winning mobile games Kukulu and Gebeta.

Feta can best be described as a light game with just enough challenge to make it fun for all players. The purpose of the game is to rearrange picture blocks in order on the game board, creating a colorful picture in the end. The goal is to slide every number block either left or right, or top to bottom, in the fewest number of steps to create the final picture in the shortest amount of time.

Like Qene Games' other titles, Feta focuses on Ethiopian culture, tradition, and food. It also brands the country and shares its beauty and culture with the entire world.

The intent behind Feta is for all players to enjoy the pictures they create as much as the puzzles they solve to create them. There are a variety of difficulty levels in the game as well as a variety of images from which players can select. Through it all, Qene Games looks to spotlight Ethiopia's rich culture through its latest mobile game launch.

Qene Games set high expectations when it launched its first mobile 3D game called Kukulu in 2018. That year, the company won the Apps Africa Award for Best Media and Entertainment App.

The game revolves around the plight of Kukulu, a brave chicken who is about to be slaughtered by her farmer. Players must help Kukulu escape her situation as she runs for her life.

Qene Games followed up that wildly successful initial game with its second mobile game, Gebeta, launched in 2021. Gebeta is a new and updated version of one of the world's favorite board games, Mancala -- which is also known as Kalah or Congkak in certain parts of the world.

Qene Games' version of the classic mancala board game provides players with a new and unique experience, with special boosters and power-ups that enhance the game that plenty of people know and love.

With the launch of Feta, Qene Games is looking to challenge the minds and creativity of players who try to solve fun and exciting picture puzzles.

Feta will be available for both Android and iOS devices.

So, challenge your logic and brainpower while having fun at the same time by playing Qene Games' newest mobile game release, Feta!

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