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Down to the Details: Shen Yun's Take on the Perfect Dancewear

Monday, 07 March 2022 05:10 PM

Shen Yun

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / March 7, 2022 / One of the largest international performance groups, Shen Yun, is known for its elaborate, breathtaking, and colorful shows. While the show is certainly eye-catching, it's what happens behind the scenes that makes this unique celebration of ancient Chinese culture come to life.

The dancers and performers of Shen Yun work countless hours preparing for numerous shows within one week, which can be tiring yet rewarding, as they perform in 130 cities across the globe each year. As dancers and performers, it's important for them to nail every performance - so practice is just as important as the real deal. From rehearsing late at night to eating healthy and even wearing the appropriate dance wear during practice, it is crucial for the Shen Yun performers to ensure they are prepared before they take the main stage.

As the dance company prepares to take the stage in upcoming shows in Salt Lake City from March 9-10; and in New York City from March 10-20, rehearsals and preparations are underway. And while there is much a Shen Yun dancer will do to prepare, one small detail is of critical importance -- the right choice in dance wear.

Consider Movement

While the audience only sees the performers on stage in their elaborate costumes, during rehearsals they are often in more relaxed dancewear to ensure that they can perfect their movements.

Classical Chinese dance frequently tests the limits of a dancer's flexibility. When Shen Yun dancers look for dancewear, they ensure that they have enough stretch and offer a free flow of movement.

It's also important to consider the stunts a dancer will be practicing when searching for appropriate dancewear. If a dancer is on the floor frequently or tumbling during a major on-stage scene, it's best to select clothing that isn't revealing, tight, or too short.

Looks Matter

During Shen Yun's performances, you typically see an array of colorful costumes or ancient attire, such as an "qipao", which is an elegant statement piece worn by women of the Han Dynasty.

Every dancer in Shen Yun wants to look their best on stage, but even while practicing, they want to look their appropriate, so they can see the lines of their body and feel confident in their movements. Clothing also has the unique power of changing how the body naturally looks.

When searching for pants, Shen Yun performers must remember that a straighter cut makes legs look longer, while crewnecks can make a person look taller and V-necks elongate a dancer's neck. It may seem like this does not matter, but Shen Yun dancers are incredibly attentive to details as they want to ensure they have perfect form for their audience.

Another thing Shen Yun dancers look for in dancewear is color. On stage, the performers are often in rainbow-colored aprons around their waists, wear earrings and necklaces adorned with precious metals and gems. As for class, they wear the same color, so it's easier for the instructor to see where their body is located. During self-practice, the dancers like to be a bit freer and wear different colors. Color can also be used to elongate and flatter the body, or just be a fun way to express yourself.

Performance Restraints

Lastly, and probably the most important, is understanding how dancewear impacts performance. When looking for the appropriate pants or shirts, Shen Yun dancers must ask themselves a few questions: "How does the clothing handle sweat and heat?"; "Does it wick sweat away or hold it inside?"; "How heavy does the garment feel when soaked?" Nobody wants to wear a cold and heavy shirt when working out.

Another major factor is how the clothing smells after sweating in it. Though the dancers always change after class and rehearsal, a big problem with some dancewear is that even when advertised as "stink-free, they start to smell after a few months of wear, regardless of washing.

It might seem odd, but the details that go into the gear Shen Yun dancers wear to practice is essential to their overall success on the main stage. They need dancewear that works as hard as they do to present their best for their audiences worldwide.

To learn more about Shen Yun and for a complete list of dates, check out their website, and see when Shen Yun is coming to a city near you.

Denise C. Riley
[email protected]

SOURCE: Shen Yun

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