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The 3 Musketeers of Shen Yun

Friday, March 4, 2022 3:20 PM
Shen Yun

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / March 4, 2022 / The rush of creative energy that pulses through the theater during a Shen Yun performance is fueled by the heart of its ensemble. Night after night, Shen Yun travels from city to city, using dance to tell the story of ancient Chinese history for adoring audiences around the world.

While life on the road can be tough for Shen Yun performers, you wouldn't notice it if you had the chance to go backstage and spend some time with William, Jisung and Sam, also known endearingly as the organization's 3 Musketeers. These three dancers have a bond close enough to resemble a brotherhood, and while their nickname is exclusive to them, the familial bond they share with the rest of the troop is not. Their commitment to each other is just one of the things that makes Shen Yun a truly remarkable experience.

Based in New York City, the trio are some of the hardest working dancers around. For those lucky enough to have seen them perform live, this should come as no surprise. From acrobatic flips, spins and tumbles to dancing in perfect harmony, their job requires discipline, trust and a sense of humor. Nevertheless, there is no shortage of laughs between these dancers. Their self-produced, behind-the-scenes videos of them before they perform with Shen Yun give an intimate look into what it takes to be a great performer on the road.

Their remarkable work ethic stands in stark contrast to their lighthearted antics behind the scenes. From William lightheartedly teasing Sam for how long he takes to put on his makeup to their poking fun at Jisung for always snacking, it's clear that the boys rely on each other as much offstage as they do during the live show. Their positive outlook on life helps turn hours of intense preparation into a labor of love, which they graciously pass on to their audiences.

To keep their spirits uplifted when they aren't messing around, they also practice group meditations in between rehearsals and meals. Meditation is what allows them to feel centered and recharge as they go through their preparation. It's clear that for these performers, the message of living a peaceful, serene life isn't just a performative act for the stage, but a conscientious way of life.

At the center of this group is William, a traditionally trained Chinese dancer with an incredible work ethic and tenacity that drives the other members of his troop to always bring their best.

"Shen Yun is the first dance troop I've been a part of where it feels like the performers get better and better each show," he explains. Before each performance, the dancers do a full walkthrough of the production, mapping it out each step of the way. "Getting the blocking right is very important in making sure everyone knows their position on stage."

Shen Yun features so much harmonious movement that each member of the group has to get in sync with the other dancers in order to pull off an amazing performance.

If you find yourself curious about what these three dancers' lives are like on the road then be sure to check out their YouTube channel to see what the life of a Shen Yun dancer is all about, or better yet, go see them live when they come to your city. With over 1,500 shows per year, it's no secret why Shen Yun is a great cultural experience for first-time goers and repeat viewers.

To learn more about the 3 Musketeers, check out some of their most interesting videos, such as A Day in the life of a Shen Yun Dancer, Exclusive Behind the Scenes Weekend and How Did We Join Shen Yun.

For a complete list of Shen Yun performance dates, check out their website and see when the show is coming to a city near you.


Denise C. Riley
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SOURCE: Shen Yun

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