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AdMedia Revolutionizes Targeted Advertising with Launch of

Wednesday, 02 March 2022 02:15 PM


LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / March 2, 2022 / At AdMedia, we believe brands need to evolve their advertising approach to reach customers in innovative and efficient ways. That's why today they're excited to announce the launch of, a site that is changing how brands target and measure their campaigns. With their new platform, they're making it easier than ever for brands to target consumers with relevant ads.

AdMedia, Wednesday, March 2, 2022, Press release picture is a leader in Contextual Targeting Advertising. is a proprietary technology that uses high-value user shopping interest signals (such as search terms, contextual mapping, or behavioral activity) to place ads specifically targeted and personalized for your customer. This results in increased conversion rates and revenue for brands. is a revolutionary new advertising technology that leverages the power of data analysis and cross-channel targeting to provide specific, personalized ads for customers. The platform will revolutionize how brands reach consumers with relevant messages across industry-leading channels, including email, social media, search networks, and contextual mapping tools like Google Maps or Bing maps.

The platform provides the most efficient targeting and predictive results for displaying brand messaging to customers, increasing revenue and conversion rates. Brands can now easily connect with their customer base without spending hours creating targeted messages based on user behavioral patterns, meaning more time spent on other business matters!

With their advanced advertising technology, your ads will be placed in the right place at just the right time for maximum impact. They help you avoid spending money on irrelevant or unwanted content by leveraging contextually-aware preferences that target users based on their age range and other personal information unique to them as well. A successful Contextual Targeting Advertising Strategy can help grow any business in terms of results!

Contextual Targeting Advertising advertising has been proven time after again as one strategy that generates real growth - but not just with performance; we're talking about higher conversion rates too (yes!).

The platform allows brands to use their data, our contextual mapping technology, or the context of your competitors' domain names to reach prospects at just the right time! Eliminate waste and make sure you're reaching out only to those who want what you have to offer (and not wasting money on those who don't).

With this approach, customers will be more likely to buy from whatever brand they come across when browsing online stores because these ads make them feel like part of their community.

AdMedia is a performance-based advertising network that connects advertisers to consumers across many channels. Headquartered in Burbank, California, the company has domestic offices throughout California and provides industry-leading email, domain, social, and search networks for their 60 thousand plus advertisers. Ad Media's patent-pending technology studies consumer response with anonymous data to provide highly relevant ads while protecting customers' privacy.

The platform is a game-changer for targeted advertising, and for a good reason! By combining high-value user shopping interest signals (such as search terms, contextual mapping, or behavioral activity) with data analysis, delivers highly personalized ads. The result is increased conversion rates and revenue for brands!

By taking advantage of high-value user signals such as search terms and contextual mapping, brands can now place relevant and personalized ads for their customers. This results in increased conversion rates and revenue - an essential component of any successful business strategy.

About AdMedia

The company specializes in Contextual Targeting Advertising and other proprietary techniques that can help companies increase their ROI while respecting consumer privacy. The company has an excellent command of digital marketing and is ready to help any client enhance its prospects online. Danny Bibi and Jeff Alderman invite marketing executives and other interested parties to listen to the podcast and learn more about their company and today's digital marketing landscape.

Media Contact:

Danny Bibi
Founder and President, AdMedia
6320 Canoga Avenue, Suite 200
Woodland Hills, California 91367

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (800) 296-7104
Twitter: @Ad_Media


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