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The Bridge to Fulfillment: Empowering Women in Business and Life

Tuesday, 01 March 2022 00:00

CELINA, TX / ACCESSWIRE / March 1, 2022 / Today, more women than ever are struggling under heavy workloads at work and at home, causing them to stop and re-evaluate what really matters. The careers that used to be exciting and meaningful now leave them drained at the end of the day and questioning whether it is worth it to continue to put so much into the job or career they've been in.

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Unfortunately, many women get trapped here, fearful that the only way they can do meaningful work and have better balance for their lives would be to take a big pay cut or start over.

Is it possible to have it all? The Bridge to Fulfillment was launched with the purpose of answering that question - to help professional women solve the root cause of feeling unfulfilled, transition into more meaningful (and lucrative) careers, and enjoy lives of great purpose and satisfaction.

The Bridge to Fulfillment, Tuesday, March 1, 2022, Press release picture

For transformational career coach and founder Blake Schofield, the answer to that question is overwhelmingly yes. Unfortunately, far too many women don't believe it is possible.

"Our mission is to change women's perspectives about what is possible, empowering them to create greater impact at home and at work without sacrificing their health, time, family or income," she said. "You don't have to sacrifice in order to have what you want. There is so much more possibility for your life."

The Bridge to Fulfillment is a 3-month holistic coaching program for professional women, helping them gain clarity about what they truly want and how to transition into a more fulfilling career without sacrificing their lifestyle. Throughout the journey, The Bridge to Fulfillment teaches women to not simply take the next step and hope for the best but to identify what the right next step is - and to take it with confidence.

The first step in the journey begins with a complimentary, personalized Career Fulfillment Plan. It is designed to help women clearly articulate what they want and need in their career, to feel empowered to chase their dreams, and to move forward with confidence, knowing that they will be successful.

"A huge part of what differentiates The Bridge to Fulfillment is we actually get to the root cause of why you're unfulfilled," Schofield said. "Because you can make a career change, but if you don't have the right fundamental pieces, you'll be back in the cycle again in 9, 12 or 24 months."

Another key mission at The Bridge to Fulfillment is to break the myth that if you want to do more impactful work, change careers or switch industries, you have to take a huge step backward.

"If you find yourself scrolling LinkedIn and job boards for hours, endlessly updating your resume, wondering if you should just try to be happy because everything else is a step backward, this program is made for you," Schofield said. "Far too many women believe that in order to do more fulfilling work or have better balance they have to sacrifice their income. But that is not true. It isn't an either/or proposition."

The Bridge to Fulfillment is a high-touch program that accepts a limited number of applicants each month, which enables the Bridge Experts to create unique, customized plans that yield incredible results.

And so far, the program has made a lasting impact on the lives of many professional women. On average, The Bridge to Fulfillment helps women transition into their dream career over 60% faster than traditional job search methods. Not only that, but the women also begin their new positions with an average salary increase of 20%.

Most importantly, The Bridge to Fulfillment allows women to be free, happy, and inspired in their careers and in life. To wake up energized and excited to go to work. To shut off at the end of the day and enjoy time with family and friends. To feel confident and inspired.

To truly have it all.

About The Bridge to Fulfillment

The Bridge to Fulfillment was founded by Blake Schofield, an 18-year corporate executive with experience building and growing 8-figure businesses. Blake's work is inspired by her personal journey through three career changes, multiple cross-country moves, and years of going through the cycle of searching LinkedIn and job boards trying to find the right path for her life.

To learn more about The Bridge to Fulfillment, including their complimentary, Personalized Career Fulfillment Plan and job search resources, visit their website today. Get your complimentary, Personalized Career Fulfillment Plan at To set your job search up for success, visit


Company Name: The Bridge to Fulfillment
Contact Person: Blake Schofield
Address: 918 W. Walnut #123, Celina, TX 75009
Phone Number: 214-504-1142
Website Link:

SOURCE: The Bridge to Fulfillment

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