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Caspar Chou Launches Blog

Friday, 25 February 2022 00:00

The veteran real estate developer debuts a new online diary from which he will communicate his thoughts and ideas to the world.

ALHAMBRA, CA / ACCESSWIRE / February 25, 2022 / It is with great pleasure that Caspar Chou, successful entrepreneur and veteran real estate developer, announces he has launched a new blog, bolstered by two inaugural entries. The web-based journal is hosted by a well-known online platform and deals with many different matters relating to property investment and common-sense approaches to acquiring real estate, which are his areas of professional expertise.

In the latest entry, titled Caspar Chou Pinpoints 5 Real Estate Red Flags, Caspar identifies five common markers which investors should take as warnings to leave a property alone. In one notable passage, he addresses so-called ‘emotional sellers,' or sellers who are still very attached to their property, stating that they "can be difficult during the negotiation process. They may ask for more than the property worth or make unreasonable demands," he writes, elaborating, "They may cancel showings last minute or change their mind altogether. If they are selling the property themselves, this can take longer than other properties. Listing agents can sometimes hint at whether there is room for negotiation. This is an unfortunate red flag if the agent truly does not believe the seller is flexible."

Caspar Chou, Friday, February 25, 2022, Press release picture

In the preceding entry, titled Caspar Chou on How to Know When to Invest in Real Estate, Caspar Chou delves into great detail about the many ways that ordinary people can invest in real estate. In a section dealing with buying property with the intention of renting it out to tenants, Caspar lauds the strategy as a good way to earn stable, long-term income, but offers some wise words of caution. "Before investing in a multi-unit property, investors should fully understand this process. Some investors can handle tenants on their own, while others may need the help of a management company. These costs are important to factor in before purchasing a (rental) property."

Anyone interested in reading the full text of these blog entries will find them located here. Anyone interested in learning more about Caspar Chou is encouraged to visit his professional website.

About Caspar Chou:

Caspar Chou is a noted West Coast real estate development executive. His current position is Vice-President of Investments at Pacific Plaza Premier Group, a real estate development firm that operates out of Los Angeles, California, and his area of professional expertise is overseeing mixed-use, industrial, and retail property developments located in the San Gabriel Valley, as well as overseeing real estate investments in Texas.

Caspar is also a lifelong entrepreneur, having learned many lessons from his father, who owned and operated his own real estate business for many years. Armed with this knowledge, Caspar founded his first company, Ocen Communications, straight out of college in 1996. After early success with that venture, he created another company, Q-East Broadband in 1998, which also thrived from its inception.

As the new millennium dawned, Caspar Chou felt the need to switch industries and try his hand at real estate development, partly as an homage to his father. He began by working as a real estate agent, developing marketing strategies and crafting customer outreach programs that resulted in over $150 million in residential and commercial sales over four years. In 2007, he joined the Green Tree Inn Hotel Management Group based out of Shanghai, China as their Vice-President of Corporate Finance. In 2010, he accepted his current position at Pacific Plaza Premier Group.

Contact Information:

Caspar Chou
Email: [email protected]

SOURCE: Caspar Chou

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