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Gonectar Announces of Its Platform to Supply High Intent Insurance Leads

Monday, February 21, 2022 6:35 AM

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / February 21, 2022 / Gonectar announces that they will start offering high intent insurance leads to their existing and future clients in order to increase conversions and sales. High intent insurance leads are generated by identifying people who are actively looking for insurance information online, which makes them far more likely to convert into sales leads than the traditional cold-calling approach that many agencies use.

Gonectar Reveals New High-Intent Lead Generation Platform

High-intent leads are a vital component of any successful marketing campaign. Gonectar, today announced they will be releasing a new lead generation platform designed to offer high-intent consumers who have already expressed an interest in insurance products.

The company is currently accepting beta registrations and has begun testing and validating their platform as we speak. This is their opportunity to get in early!

When people sign up for Gonectar's High-Intent Insurance Lead Generation Platform, you'll receive leads with real contact information that belong directly to users with pre-existing intent for their products or services.

These lists will allow people to increase conversion rates by targeting specific audiences and by allowing for highly targeted messaging.

Introducing New Lead Supplying Service

For companies of all sizes, lead generation can be a nightmare. It's not just hard, it's time consuming and expensive as well. This is why they are proud to announce that Gonectar will soon be providing high-intent insurance leads for purchase.

They've spent years refining our lead generation methods and are ready to offer businesses like theirs access to these tried and true leads for maximum ROI.

Geonectar have over 2 million new insurance leads

Gonectar is one of few insurance lead generation companies that have over 2 million new insurance leads which are new, highly targeted, and fresh. If people are looking for a top-notch lead generation service that people can count on, it is time to contact Gonectar today.

The team is led by industry experts, who offer in-depth experience with all types of industries. They say they understand that every business has its own individual needs and preferences, which is why we tailor our services specifically for each client.

They wish to help people increase their customer base so that people can get more leads from each sale without increasing their budget or devoting resources to unproductive channels.

The Demand for High-Intent Leads Is Massive

In their 2021 State of Inbound Report, Researchers found that 30% of sales qualified leads came from inbound channels. In addition, those numbers are expected to grow by 16% for inbound leads within a year. Even with all the data available, insurance agents still find it difficult to filter out unqualified and low-intent leads - until now.

Geonectar's high-intent insurance leads offer an opportunity for insurance agents looking for quick wins as they work towards their annual goals. Find out how people can maximize their productivity with these high-intent lead sources.

About Geonectar

Geonectar generates high-intent insurance leads from a variety of sources. Their main focus is B2B leads, but also offer business owners in general and agents with their own small businesses insurance lead generation services.

They're experts at taking care of their clients! They claim to have a team focused on providing a valuable service, one that meets their needs and exceeds their expectations.

If people want more customers/clients or just more leads for their current business, then get in touch with us today - Geonectar would love to talk more about how people can grow their bottom line.

Contact Details:

Brand: Gonectar
Contact: Media team
Email: [email protected]
Phone Number: +1 844-416-2518

SOURCE: Gonectar

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