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Marco Bitran Shares Ways to Make General Aviation More Affordable in New Online Article

Tuesday, 15 February 2022 13:40

BOSTON, MA / ACCESSWIRE / February 15, 2022 / Marco Bitran is an experienced entrepreneur and the principal of Isalia Property Group, a Boston-based real estate investment company. As an active member of his local community, Marco Bitran is also a certified commercial pilot and spends much of his free time volunteering for organizations such as Angel Flight North East and Patient Airlift Services (PALS). However, recognizing that flying is generally an expensive hobby, Marco takes the time to discuss how individuals can take up aviation without breaking the bank.

His first recommendation is to consider the purchase of a less expensive vehicle, such as a light-sport aircraft.

"Compared to a personal single-engine plane like a Cessna 172, a light-sport aircraft is far more affordable. A Cessna or other legacy plane at this level can cost about $250,000, while an entry-level light sport model can cost as little as $20,000. A top-of-the-line light sport model can cost up to $190,000, but it is possible to have just as much fun with your aircraft and operate safely at a lower price point." Non-certified and experimental aircraft can offer significant cost savings vs. certified aircraft, although owners must consider the risks.

Marco also claims that if purchasing an aircraft isn't in your budget then there are other alternatives. He states that working part-time at a flight school or at the local airport can also get one access to renting planes, sometimes at a reduced cost. There is also a wide range of apps where individuals can research rental places in their local area. He also encourages would-be pilots to consider joining a flying club.

"Joining a flying club has many social as well as financial benefits. Making friends with people who fly can help you absorb the information you need to make your hobby more rewarding. Flying clubs may offer discounted flight lessons, rental space, and in-air flight instruction."

Another option is to form an airplane partnership. These partnerships carry their own tradeoffs, but can be a wonderful way to own a plane. Airplane partnerships can offer the same social and financial benefits as flight clubs, with greater control. They can greatly reduce the cost of ownership by sharing fixed costs across several owners. Furthermore, the additional flying can actually be good for the jointly owned aircraft, since greater use often prevents engine corrosion and other issues.

Marco believes that anyone truly interested in flying should research ways in which they can make it a reality. For more tips on flying, please read the full article on

About Marco Bitran

Marco Bitran is a thriving entrepreneur and a founding principal of Isalia Property Group - a real estate development firm based out of Boston, Massachusetts. Alongside his professional achievements, Marco is also committed to improving the lives of others. As a certified pilot, Marco volunteers for various charitable organizations such as Angel Flight NorthEast and Patient Airlift Services (PALS).

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