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Quidroom Hosts the World's First Virtual Unconference for Investors, The Unconferenced Investor 2022

Tuesday, 15 February 2022 10:00 AM


Ditch Old-School, Rigid, Agenda-Driven Investor Conferences and Interact Directly with Topic Leaders and Other Investors Before, During and After the Meetups

All social links lead to 'The Unconferenced Investor 2022' this month, an inaugural event hosted in virtual rooms inside the social invite-only platform for investors, Quidroom. A world-first for sophisticated investors, it's free to register and takes place between 22-24 February 2022.

From exploring allocation options with a space-focused early-stage VC founder to discussing Indian equities with one of the most prominent India-focused investors, investors will be free to connect and exchange ideas with other investors in virtual rooms.

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William Ma, ex-CIO of Noah Holdings and CIO of Grow Investment Group, who is a room leader at the unconference, sees the investment industry as in need of a global revolution and believes that unconferences have an important role to play in this shake-up. "It's about time we start moving past the rigid, overly-structured investor conference that doesn't do enough to foster meaningful discussions between investors. I look forward to hosting a room on China alpha hedge funds and having an open dialogue with other investors."

Raphael Roettgen, Founder and Managing Partner of E2MC, who will be hosting a room, Space - Investing in the Final Frontier, says, "I look forward to helping fellow investors get their head around the tremendous opportunity that the space sector represents over the next decades."

The Unconferenced investor 2022 is an unstructured, participant-driven online event with no set agenda. It gives all participants a voice, and the collective expertise of the audience outweighs that of any individual keynote speaker, laying the ground for much richer and deeper conversations and insights.

While not a new concept in other industries, Quidroom CEO Pravin Raveendran says that the unconference movement is gaining traction globally thanks to accelerated digitalization, increasing popularity of hybrid/remote working and a greater appetite for more innovative, flexible, and worthwhile interactions with experts in their respective fields.

It is a desire for this active, self-directed participation that saw tech-giant Google adopt an unconference format for its 'Search Central Unconference' in both 2020 and 2021, emphasizing the idea that a diverse group of attendees can help everyone learn more from each other and their unique perspectives.

Pravin says that after a year since the launch of their investor networking platform, internal research has revealed a growing number of investors worldwide who are tired of formal events and would prefer to connect directly with investors at a more relaxed level to hear from one another and exchange ideas.

For this reason, Quidroom is kick-starting the unconference movement within the investment industry to improve on the current old-school, promotion-driven, top-down investor conferences. The virtual unconference is open to all sophisticated investors who want to see this change.

"At a time where travelling has been inhibited, everyone is struggling to find better ways to identify and build meaningful connections virtually with like-minded people, especially investors. As a team, we looked at ways to solve this problem, and that's how the idea of an unconference was born. I am just surprised that no one has tried to empower investors before with something like this."

Quidroom's internal insight supports external research1, showing that almost two-thirds of investors use social media to connect with peers. This represents a considerable rise of 38% in just three years. Similarly, global market research firm GWI's latest Social Report 2022 reveals that using social media for work-related networking and research has increased by 15% since the fourth quarter of 2022.

Investors interested in joining The Unconference Investor 2022 may register for free by clicking here.


About Quidroom:

Quidroom, formerly known as AssetOwner, is where sophisticated investors connect and exchange knowledge with one another based on common interests.

Wander the proverbial halls of Quidroom and discover rooms with hundreds of investors matching your interests. You're free to enter and exit rooms at your leisure. Choose to join the conversation with other investors or simply be a fly on the wall and listen in. It's entirely up to you.

When you're ready to stake a claim, start an investor community! Start a room to share your insights, try your hand at incepting ideas, or just simply share today's market headlines.

Quidroom is trusted by investors collectively managing US$ 8.2 trillion and has US$1 million in pre-seed funding.

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SOURCE: AssetOwner Holdings Pte. Ltd

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